An Entrepreneurial Trip that Ended up impacting Lives – Samantha McGregor

An Entrepreneurial Trip that Ended up impacting Lives – Samantha McGregor
An Entrepreneurial Trip that Ended up impacting Lives – Samantha McGregor

Samantha McGregor is an email marketing expert and digital entrepreneur. Through years of putting in all the necessary hard work, she has built a reputation for herself as one of the most successful female digital entrepreneurs around.

She has no physical office or location because her business is online, even though she is based in Toronto. Because her business is online, she can work from anywhere and with anybody around the world.


As a young business entrepreneur, her mentor in business was the CEO in one of the places she worked. As a learning enthusiast, she was able to learn from Wojciech Gryc. As a down-to-earth and super smart individual, Wojciech Gryc was able to break things down from very complex things to simpler things. This endeared him to Sam, and she was able to learn a great deal from him.


Her business works for clients who are looking to begin their entrepreneurial journey. Samantha was once a startup entrepreneur, so she has dreams of helping other young entrepreneurs find their way. Some may think that she is at the top, but to her, she is just beginning to scratch the surface. When it comes to email marketing, she believes there is a lot of potentials and she is willing to put in the work to harness its power.


Email marketing is the major service she is offering and she is always willing to help out. Some of her clients come to her seeking help because they are discouraged and frustrated, due to the high costs they incur and low sales they make. They need someone to help them with running their business to make them profitable, and that is where Samantha comes in.


As a businesswoman, she is not only interested in profits. She also derives joy from making others happy. Her greatest achievement to date is being able to put smiles on the faces of her clients. Also, she feels proud of starting her business ad raising the bar for young female entrepreneurs.


She also has some failures, which is normal for an entrepreneur. One of them was not being able to launch her online course during the pandemic. She is a perfectionist, and her mistake was trying to make the course too perfect. She ended up pushing the date till it was too late.


In the next five years, Samantha sees herself running a very successful company. The main aim of running a successful company, according to Sam, is being able to give back to the community in the form of philanthropy. To her, making a positive impact on the lives of others is what she dreams of.


She is setting the standard and here is her advice to young entrepreneurs, “Be passionate about that business you want to start. Things may be tough at the beginning but there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Do not make excuses for failure, instead find solutions. Also, put in your best in everything you do.” If you implement all these tips, there is no telling what heights you will reach in your career.


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