Pooria Ghohroodi
Pooria Ghohroodi

An entrepreneur turned social media influencer, Pooria’s life is surely an inspiring journey so far.


With the evolution of social media, everyone has made a seamless transition from their ordinary work life to the life of social media. Pooria Ghohroodi is no exception. An entrepreneur turned social media influencer, his life is surely an inspiring journey so far. Born and brought up in Tehran, Iran, he is currently based in Los Angeles. Pooria, at a very early age, made up his mind to become an entrepreneur. An ordinary man had some extraordinary dreams to make his mark in the entrepreneurial world.


Foray Into Social Media

Pooria Ghohroodi is blessed with a captivating personality. Not only a genius mind, but he is also someone who is blessed with good looks and a stronger personality. With his impeccable communication skills, she made his presence on Instagram and started creating content for her followers. Pooria’s posts on social media revolve mainly around lifestyle and travel. He is fond of luxuries and owns many plush cars. With her content, he wooed the audiences, and today he has a family of more than 200K followers on Instagram.


The Objective Behind Becoming an Influencer

While everyone has a different take on becoming an influencer, Pooria had a thing clear in her mind: he wanted to become an influencer to inspire people. “With my work and lifestyle, I always wanted to influence people’s lives. However, I had that desire to impact people’s lives with my work,” he said. his main objective behind being an influencer remains to bring motivation and positivity to people’s lives. he connects with his audience very often and has inspired many of his followers with his work.


Future Plans

After making his name in the entrepreneurial world and becoming a notable influencer, Pooria has got a lot of plans in his mind. Currently, he owns POORIA car dealership business in California has a joint venture of an online game website, and a lot of interesting things. In the future, he aims to get into real estate and utilize his potential as one of the best entrepreneurs as well as influencers across the world.


You can stay in touch with Pooria Ghohroodi on Instagram on his page, which goes by the name ‘@Pooria_Ghohroodi’.

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