Lessons that 2020 taught that can help digital makers to keep flourishing, by Kashif Tahir, aka Kay Tee.

Kay Tee
Lessons that 2020 taught that can help digital markers to keep flourishing, by Kashif Tahir, aka Kay Tee

The Founder of Cuddle Marketing LLC says that the past year taught us various crucial lessons, which can now take the industry forward.

The times we are living in right now is something no one ever imagined a year back. The world is gripped by what is today known as a global health pandemic. This brought about many unexpected changes across business industries, where some were immensely disrupted by its effects. However, one can’t help but notice how the digital space saw a boom and how entrepreneurs and companies placed all their bets on the same and dived deeper into it to either sustain or grow their businesses. The digital marketing world is one that saw great growth and momentum, where people understood how essential it had become for them to rely on this medium to keep flourishing in their industries. The year 2020 taught many things to many industries and still teaching with continuous revolutions. Amidst this, a young digitalpreneur from Lahore, Pakistan, named Kashif Tahir, aka Kay Tee, has come forward to share a few lessons that 2020 taught, which will go ahead in defining the digital marketing future.

  • Growth of e-commerce: One of the businesses that saw heavy growth and success was e-commerce. During lockdowns, the head honcho of ‘Cuddle Marketing’, Kay Tee, says that people grew accustomed to receiving things at their homes and getting everything with a snap of a finger. 2020 taught that businesses today need to go digital as only they will dominate even in the coming years, just like e-commerce is shining.
  • Everything digital: Kay Tee explains that brands and people understood how going digital was the only and the best choice for them to flourish even amidst the pandemic. Hence, those who even had physical shops began with their website and provided online delivery services. Harnessing the digital space have now become a matter of survival more than choice. Having a strong digital presence is the need of the hour and is what 2020 taught us.
  • Adapting and flourishing: The pandemic hardly gave time to anyone to take slow decisions. Brands and people who embraced the changes and quickly responded to the crucial times by adapting to the situations were the ones who flourished. 2020 taught people to be adjustive and adaptive and find out ways or create new ones for sustaining in such trying times.

To keep evolving and being resilient is the key to success during such crucial times, says Kashif Tahir, who thinks that the digital marketing space has yet to bring many new revolutions to the world.

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