Syed Ali Asgar Razvi: The Business Prodigy From J&K

Syed Ali Asgar Razvi
Syed Ali Asgar Razvi

Making up your mind towards something that’s hard to achieve in a world of chances and probabilities takes a great deal of strength in life. In a competitive world like now, it requires the travel through a great deal of hardships and tantrums to achieve what you aspire for.

Syed Ali Asgar Razvi, is an entrepreneur who had worked really hard to come to the forefront from the village of Magan in Jammu and Kashmir. Among the many passions that he had, the one which stood out for him was following his father’s passion towards business. Being born into a business family, he had his advantages of learning about the basic ideas of entrepreneurship.

Following his father’s footsteps, he started a new venture, RCF Multiventure Pvt Ltd, which deals with the wholesale and distribution of FMCG. He has been in the business since 2012 and has been continuing the success streak for the last 9 years. The kind of struggles that he had to face, all through his journey to success was what made Syed determined to yearn for more. Syed said, “I have been in tight spots and sudden financial setbacks as i tried to find my place in this business world. But that was my inspiration to work harder and achieve what i was destined to do.”

Apart from being a businessman, Syed’s passion towards sports and music had started showing up as he attained stability in business. He had always been an ardent follower of sports and has been very passionate towards the idea of building and help grow the talent of the youth in sports. Syed made sure that he could provide the young talents with all the help that he could afford. He was so particular about dividing his financial support between helping his business grow along with supporting and nurturing the talented youth.

His mentality towards building a good good future for sports was not just born out of passion alone. The basic empathy towards the people, makes him want to to share his joy and success with the needy. Syed says, ” feel that happiness is to be shared I would be gaining nothing from just profiting from the things for me alone I wish to create a greater good in the world. if that means I’ll have to compromise in profiting more I would still choose kindness and sympathy over money.”

Syed has been tirelessly building his business world with proper planning and negotiation through his leadership as well as through negotiations among his employees. He makes sure that he takes his employees words into account and that was what helped him build a properly planned business strategy. With the proper outlook on the newest business trends and technological advancements, Syed is ranked among the most successful entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir.

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