Blogger-Digital Entrepreneur Bilal Kazi Describes His Successful Journey Since 2013

Bilal Kazi
Bilal Kazi

Bilal Kazi is a renowned blogger and digital entrepreneur from Mumbai. At the age of 28, Bilal has reached great heights in his career with hard work, talent and dedication. In the past 2 years, we have seen many bloggers and influencers making their way. However, Bilal started his journey when it wasn’t much in the limelight and carved a niche for himself.

In 2013, Bilal Kazi started blogging about food, travel and day-to-day life. After completing his hotel management studies, Bilal decided to pursue his blogging dreams and share his experiences with people. At that time, blogging wasn’t popular, and yet, he thrived for many years. That’s when he understood the importance of making money via blogging and everything about AdSense.

Along with blogging, entrepreneur Bilal also gained experience in affiliate marketing. He is a quick learner and worked alongside many celebrities and top advertising agencies. His efficient marketing skills helped him become a popular name in the digital industry. Eventually, he started his digital marketing business and worked for many top clients. He is the founder of India’s biggest bloggers network platform, Bahrain Bloggers Group.

From the food industry to digital marketing, Bilal Kazi has shown how hard work always gives the best results. For his work, the blogger-entrepreneur was awarded Business Manager Award and Best Influencer Award at Channel V India Fest Goa. With the Digital Niche of India, Bilal also made it to the list of Digital Entrepreneurs of the world.

When asked to describe his journey so far, the blogger-entrepreneur says, “The journey has been long and exciting. Soon, it will be 10 years since I started blogging. It feels like tomorrow. There were ups and downs, but I was dedicated to my goals. I want to keep going on and grow in my career as much as I can.

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