Marcus Pereira enhances the lucrative segment of e-commerce- Dropshipping

Marcus Pereira
Marcus Pereira

Networking and rampant growth in the e-commerce industry have given way to many creative possibilities. A sophisticated management system has enabled people to search for ways that can be the most lucrative in the market today. The huge expanse of internet space has accommodated everyone who had the same enthusiasm towards business as Marcus Pereira. The ability to alter the ongoing infrastructure to make the most of it is the true quality that an entrepreneur possesses. For instance, the current pandemic situation has been beneficial for many as the e-commerce stores saw a sudden escalation in sales and engagement. The global crises presented an opportunity to all the virtual marketeers. 

Marcus Pereira, 17 years old Australian entrepreneur is the new face of the drop shipping market in Australia. After the unprecedented outbreak of novel coronavirus, people with all occupations were confined to their houses. Online shopping became the only viable source, therefore the market flooded with online stores. Foreseeing a similar opportunity, Marcus decided to adopt the drop shipping model into his business. While the idea is popular and presents high profits possibilities, we can’t deny the sheer number of competitors present in the marketplaces. To tackle the problem, the owners are often needed to incorporate new techniques into their business that can eliminate the competitors and create a consistent consumer circle.

In drop shipping, Marcus searched for products that were cost-effective and listed them on his online store at a marked-up value. Once the deal between him and the consumer has been carried out, he then proceeds to ship the product directly from the retailer to the purchaser without his immediate involvement. To better his business structure, Marcus introduced newer methods, for example, keeping up with the frequent changes in the market, using strategic shipping options, scrutinizing sales techniques, and many more. 

Marcus was introduced to the drop shipping technique while exploring YouTube. The video highlighted many aspects of it and drew his attention towards entering the business arena. With no prior experience, he decided to open his drop shipping store. After working for more than a year, Marcus has been able to create a thriving entity with minimal investment. The business has successfully earned more than $1,000,000 since it initially commenced. 

Marcus always preached the idea of financial freedom and hence worked towards achieving the same. At the tender age of 17, he aspires to become an influential entrepreneur and help people to initiate change in their financial life.

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