Chris Chong on How One Can Successfully Scale Numerous Businesses

Chris Chong on How One Can Successfully Scale Numerous Businesses
Chris Chong on How One Can Successfully Scale Numerous Businesses

Many entrepreneurs and financial advisors are recommending that everyone develop multiple streams of income. This allows you to make money in more than one way, which makes you less dependent on one job or business. Plus, you’ll have more money to spend or save. Chris Chong has taken this advice to heart, and he’s scaled numerous businesses, becoming one of the leading social-preneurs online.


Chris Chong is the director of operations at GitiOnline, a women’s clothing store that operates virtually. He also is the vice president of 5IX7, an e-commerce lifestyle brand that is set to open its doors in 2021. Also this year, he plans to launch UNLTD Group, a social media marketing firm that will help others learn how to effectively use social media to scale their businesses. “I love having just a little too much work to do,” Chong said. “I would much rather participate in multiple businesses than just one. It helps me channel all of my interests, and what I learn from one enterprise can help me with the others.” In order to scale them, he uses a lot of social media. He understands that this is something that many entrepreneurs fear, but he knows that it’s easier than they expect. “No one is born knowing how to market on social media. We all start from scratch. You can learn just as well as anyone else. You just need the right teachers.” Chong also recommends outsourcing where you can. “If you’re uncomfortable on social media, you can hire someone to manage it for you. People who own or are higher-ups in the company also shouldn’t be doing grunt work like answering emails and fulfilling orders. You need to hire employees or freelancers for tasks like that to keep your schedule open.”


In addition to his businesses, Chris Chong is a successful influencer in the world of cars. His car-themed Instagram @tucked is widely followed among car enthusiasts. His TikTok account is also followed by almost 10,000 people. “It’s always important to make time for your hobbies. While these accounts might grow into something bigger, I’m content with just engaging in my community, learning more about social media, and having fun.”


If you’re looking to diversify your income and open a second (or a third, or a fourth) business, there’s no better time like the present, especially if you want to reach the heights that Chris Chong has achieved.


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