For Benjamin Boyce, Entrepreneurship Is The Path To Overcoming Life’s Obstacles

Benjamin Boyce
Benjamin Boyce

When you’ve hit rock bottom, it can be hard to find a way to look up. Life feels overwhelming and, at times, even hopeless. But Benjamin Boyce knows what it means to take charge of his life and refuse to let the circumstances of the past determine his future.
Ben owes his success to entrepreneurship and brand building. Ben found his competitive edge by establishing a strong client base without charging outrageous profit margins. By keeping his prices lower than his competitors, he has been able to beat out larger companies. Through brand building, Ben has created several multi-million dollar ecommerce companies and completely changed the direction of his life.

Growing up, Ben experienced a rough childhood. By the time he was 18, his past followed him and he couldn’t seem to stay out of trouble. He lost everything and ended up homeless, but Ben refused to let his past prevent him from building a better future. He started a digital marketing company, which led to his true passion of brand building. “I started my first brand and blew it up and continued to build brands, dominating the online space,” says Benjamin Boyce.

For anyone struggling with their past or living on the streets, Ben wants them to know their story doesn’t stop there. He is living proof that you have it within your power to change your story. “I want kids and young adults to know that there is a way out of the streets. Creating brands gave me that opportunity,” says Benjamin Boyce.

Through his businesses, Ben has rewritten his story. He has overcome the obstacles of the past, found his way out of a life on the streets, and created a new life where he is thriving. Ben knows everyone has within them the power to change their destiny.

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