Boundary Holding focuses more on investing in companies working in water management


    The world is reeling under a great amount of problems related to water recycling, which has resulted due to huge amount of waste being accumulated in water bodies across the world. Menace is such that it poses a threat to marine life, human health, infrastructure, and many other places. This calls for a need to mitigate such a menace. This is where many other start-ups are coming up in solving this problem, each has its unique perspective as to how to approach this issue, and each one is unique. This has been problematic for all countries in the world at large. The implication of not solving this issue is multi-faceted, like microplastic traces coming up in our bloodstreams, food sources getting polluted, marine biodiversity getting diminished and weather cycles getting disturbed as well. If not managed in time, this is going to be a long-term disaster as well as a short-term one.

    The importance of clean water bodies has been emphasized time and again. The facts and figures of various peer-reviewed studies just add a little more weight to support the emphasis. Right now we need a lot more effort than just creating awareness. What we need is the adaptation of efficient and innovative ways that can help us to keep recycling the wastewater, keep the sources of water clean and thus create a clean habitat for the marine biography and coral reef hotspots to flourish.

    Pollution caused due to human activities is found in water bodies across the world, even in remote areas far from human contact. The continuous growth in the amount of solid and industrial waste thrown away, and the very slow rate of degradation of most items is a problematic fact. This is leading to a gradual increase in the degradation of water sources, on the seafloor, and on coastal shores. It is an economic, environmental, human health, and aesthetic problem posing a complex and multi-dimensional challenge.

    The problem caused in these water bodies stem from human behaviour and activities, whether accidental or intentional. The greatest sources of these pollution are land-based activities, including waste released from dumpsites near the coast or river banks, the littering of beaches, tourism and recreational use of the coasts, fishing industry activities, and ship-breaking yards. Storm-related events, like floods, flush the resulting waste out to sea where it sinks to the bottom or is carried on coastal eddies and ocean currents. The major sea-based sources include: abandoned, lost, or discarded fishing gear shipping activities and legal and illegal dumping.

    Companies like Ranmarine are drone technology companies intended to offer drone-based waste clean-up technology for ports, harbours, and marinas. The company specializes in remote-controlled and autonomous drones that swim through water, extracting unwanted material and gathering data about their marine environment, enabling businesses to access tool which makes it easier to collect, and recycle plastic waste and eventually make our water sources.

    There is a need to service both small and hard-to-reach waste chokeholds, the capability to sweep large expanses of waterways and skim the surface clean as it goes by its duties. Due to the low cost and maintenance of such autonomous marine drones, higher-density waste areas can be easily serviced by scaling up the number of units deployed – reducing costs but maximizing clean-up efforts simply and efficiently.

    A lot of companies are coming up in this domain, and are catching the eyes of all the stakeholders in this arena, at the same time gathering the eyeballs of the investors as well. The scalability of this arena offers a sweet prospect for future ventures in this domain. One such company doing this in a very good manner is Ranmarine. Headquartered in the Netherlands, this is a waste collection company that collects wastes from water bodies, cleans them up, and collects data during these processes. The investment made by Boundary Holding led by Rajat Khare, in the Cleantech firm is set to help utilize the funds on the R&D of upcoming products, data, and customer portal, expanding the team and business development, and trade shows for market growth.

    There is still hope for the world if we take the right steps in the right direction, and do the due diligence towards taking measures that clean up our water bodies and leave a healthy and booming marine ecosystem for future generations.

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