TBSN Liberal Candidate Patty Hajdu Statement on Campaign Harassment

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Statement on Safe and Respectful Campaigning

Thunder Bay – POLITICS – Recently my volunteer and I were publicly harassed by a political candidate’s team.

I have been a federal election candidate three times, and something like this has not happened to me before. Candidates from all official parties, as well as independent candidates in the 2015 and 2019 election respected our different opinions in policy and platform. We challenged each other in debates, but treated each other with dignity.

An election is meant to be an opportunity for Canadians to hear diverse ideas and perspectives, and then make a choice about who to support based on what aligns their values.

I am so proud to live in a country that upholds a democratic system that promotes civil and decent political debate. It is this system that is based on respect which allows citizens to have confidence in the outcome of every election.

The harassment that my young volunteer and I faced in Geraldton poses a threat to respectful political conversations and the full participation of women in politics. Intimidation tactics like the ones used by this candidate’s team were meant to drown out my ability to speak to voters,  to mute their voices and to dissuade them from their rights to engage with any candidate they choose. This intimidation of candidates and of voters is not who we are here in Canada.

Voters, candidates and volunteers all deserve to participate in elections that are about the exchange of ideas, free of violence and harassment .

Our Liberal team will never condone violence or intimidation as a means to silence opponents. That is why the Liberal Party of Canada has a full training program, built with experts, to foster Safe Campaigns and an inclusive environment for all staff, volunteers and candidates.

I call on all candidates to ensure their teams fully commit to engaging with other candidates and constituents in a respectful and safe way. Let’s protect the democracy we cherish so much.

Patty Hajdu

Liberal Candidate for Thunder Bay-Superior North

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