Jared Scott: Why Collaboration and Teamwork Are the Secrets to Success

Jared Scott

Jared Scott has always prioritized his community. His entry into public speaking came from realizing that he could help others in his community. He encourages communities to come together as a team to address mental health issues. Jared explains why teamwork and collaboration are the secrets to success.

Jared’s ultimate goal relies heavily on teamwork and collaboration within the community. He hopes to “build culture and relationships by inspiring individuals to share their story, life experiences, and pain with their peers.” Doing so will “break down the walls that separate them from one another. As a result, the community will gain the understanding necessary to let go of mental health stigmas.”

Breaking down those stigmas and providing mental health services is not something that anyone can do alone. It requires teamwork. When talking about collaborations, it is also worth mentioning that Jared believes in the importance of social interactions. When talking about COVID, he mentioned that he believes people will go back to in-person interactions, including his speaking engagements. He explains that this is “because human beings are social animals, and we need that real-life in-person connection.”

Because of his belief in the importance of collaboration and teamwork, Jared is making them a priority for his new nonprofit. The Free to Speak Foundation will help communities by funding mental health programs. Jared explains, “the foundation will reach out to business owners within a certain community and get donations to bring in a speaker.” This will become a collaborative community effort. That broad community effort is crucial, as ultimate, Jared hopes to “reach the broader community.” He feels that only by reaching that community can we “break the cycle” of mental health issues and stigma.

Throughout his career, Jared Scott has relied on teamwork and collaboration. In his recording studio, which was his first business, he worked with others. He included friends in the process of writing and recording “Life Lesson” about his friend’s suicide. The support and encouragement of a stranger who was touched by the song encouraged him to keep sharing his message. Importantly, Jared not only inspires others but is inspired by them, showing the true benefits of teamwork. He says, “After 10 years of doing this, it’s starting to feel like we are all connected.”

Jared Scott wants others to realize that they do not have to achieve their dreams alone. They do not have to suffer alone. As he encourages, “Get connected, build relationships, and push back against the pressure together.”

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