The art of music by Mohammad Rasekh, a famous Iranian model and musician

Mohammad Rasekh
Mohammad Rasekh

Mohammad Javad Rasekh (born on june 2, 1988 Shiraz, Iran) is an Iranian musician and model with the stage name of Mohammad Rasekh, who started his professional artistic activity in 2014.

As a child he was very interested in art and music, and this made him enter this field soon as possible, but his destiny led him in another direction and he succeeded in obtaining a degree in computer engineering at Shiraz University.

After all, in 2006, he traveled to Ukraine to start his studies in Russian language and to finished his studies there. Mohammad had a great interest in the modeling industry and entered in to this field, and this made him move towards day by day. At the beginning of 2012, Mohammad participated in modeling as a professional model in Iran and Ukraine. His boundless success led him to take positive steps on the ladder of success. After reaching high positions in the modeling industry, he became a musician with the help of his relatives and the support of celebrity’s in the great world of music. Mohammad’s main goal was modeling, but he worked a little in field of music too, and this burden of him made his work field in the music too. After releasing of “Napors” track, he also released many works like Paradise, Hiroosh, Irani, and Hills. All of these music broadcastes were available in all of international music platforms. Currently Mohammad is active in both music and modeling and he always trying to pursue his artistic goals.

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