Meet Shayan Ess, the Youngest Persian New School Upcoming Artist

Shayan Ess
Shayan Ess

The Music industry is fairly a simple and straight-forward game, Be Original, Be unique. With a billion other chances to follow the band wagon of self-proclaimed artists who thrive on remixes or re-purposing already produced music, Shayan Ess took the hard way out and ended up being the best! 

Shayan Ess with his exquisite passion for music is a trap-soul artist, song writer and composer in the Persian genre. With a small yet an enlightening conversation with Shayan, one thing was clear, this man lives and breathes music and focuses on only one aspect, being unique with his creations. 

Introducing a new genre of music in Persia:

Every genre of music introduced in Persia has always been accepted for its originality. With an audience who are more culturally aware of the music that they listen to, Shayan was successful in introducing a new genre of music to the country and the success of his third single “Taa Soobh” proves it. 

The single has got an ardent following on all streaming platforms and with it getting listed on the biggest playlist in the Iranian Music Industry, the genre got widely accepted in Persia. With more to come from the artist in the coming days, things are just getting started. 

Getting recognized as a musician in Persia:

When asked what it takes to get recognized as a musician in Persia, Shayan says that there are a lot of people out there who want to be become instant-famous, making them resort to unethical strategies that do not work. He says that it is hard to take the right path but that somehow leads you to the hearts of the music community getting you recognized as a musician, especially in Persia. 

Losing Motivation to create inspiring music is easy!

When asked about the obstacles faced, Shayan says that dealing with haters becomes a part of the job. He says that no matter how many decades of hard work you put into a piece of music, there is always going to be a group that is going to hate it. The most difficult part about that is not letting them get into your mind becae and inspiring. 

When asked for a piece of advice for the young and upcoming community of musicians in the country who are trying to bring in different genres of music into the country, he says never believe anything you see on social media, it is mostly never true and with a gentle smile says, “Create Unique, Be Unique”, it goes a loy!

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