Music Artist Matthew Gallagher Reveals 3 Things Every New Musician Must Follow

Matthew Gallagher
Matthew Gallagher

Pursuing music as an independent artist is not easy. It is by far one of the most challenging professions where you are responsible for the creative and must run the business side of things. All while nurturing your art and craft. 

Famous music artist Matthew Gallagher is a success story, and he has revealed the three things every new musician must follow to be rewarded in this highly competitive market. 

First and foremost, your talent speaks for itself. According to Matthew, believing in your talent and polishing it is the best way to keep producing good music. For most of us, talent is god gifted, and you are either endowed with it or not. And if you have the talent, are you ready to take the grind to reach the top? That is one question you must answer before jumping onto your musical journey. 

  1. Don’t drop off everything to pursue music.

The idea of dropping everything to pursue your passion has been romanticized in popular culture enough to make it seem believable. However, Matthew advises all new musicians to make sure they have a way to make a living on the side. If you are required to pay the bills- as most adults are, then having a stable income is the only smart way to pursue your passion on the side. You don’t know how long it takes to get there and be recognized for your talent and efforts, but you need your money in the meantime. As an independent artist, that seems overwhelming, but that’s the smart way to work. Embrace your passion but take up a sensible approach.

2. Your music career is your business.

While starting a music career is very different from a job, Matthew tells new musicians to treat it as a business. The musician is the brand, and your skills apply all the marketing and advertising concepts to it. According to Matthew Gallagher, many artists pay others to handle the daunting parts of business and marketing, but it is best to educate oneself in these areas. You don’t have to love or enjoy the business aspects but being aware of the latest trends is the best way to enter the market. 

3. Mentorships are helpful

According to Matthew, mentors can help new musicians to make their way more professionally as they can benefit from the expertise of other individuals who know the business and the market. Wise advice is the best gift you can get, and only a true mentor can give you that. As a new musician, having good contacts and mentors can be truly helpful. Although when Matthew began his journey, he did not have any help or guidance from a mentor. Having those would have saved him from unnecessary setbacks

Today, Matthew is not only creating wholesome music as an independent musician but also loves to help others reclaim their power over their craft, thus proving to be a true mentor for all rising stars. 

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