Thug Misses Releases EP “Twenty Two” – Soars to Top 100 on iTunes Chart

Thug Misses
Thug Misses

Camille Carlos aka Thug Misses is a California native female rapper and singer-songwriter who is dominating the next generation of strong independent women creating a lane in the music industry. Thug Misses brings a confident aura to the music industry with an undeniable approach that uniquely sits as her own.

She possesses a raw lyrical flow that brings both authenticity and in your face lyrics that any audience can appreciate. From her rhymes to her specific choice in word play, the attention she’s getting from all spectrums of the globe is becoming infectious and deems inevitable that she’s becoming a force to be reckoned with.

2021 was her debut year releasing multiple singles topped off with a hot album titled “Queen of The Bay”. Collaborating with artists such as LJ Bey, Desiree Howard, Mia Aja, Anonimiss, Kaye-L, Goldie Gold, Rayven Justice, Hitta Slim, and Mistah F.A.B., from beginning to the end, it was a masterpiece.

To no one’s surprise, she soon joins forces with SS Global Entertainment, backed by Industry Veteran, Tiffany Gaines. Gaines immediately recognized her undeniable talent and backed her new EP, “Twenty Two” to take it to the next level. The EP proved to be yet another success story as it soared straight up the iTunes Hip Hop chart landing a Top 100 peaking at number 55. Bringing her epic bars and personal flow, she features some familiar names such as LJ Bey and Desiree Howard on the 6-track EP as well as Fem and PoloWorld. From the opening song titled ‘Superficial’ to the closing ‘Boujee (Ya Ya)’, every track is a dope representation of a lyricist ready to take on the world.

Thug Misses is a woman that is taking the world by storm and it’s only going to grow more massively from here. As her career unfolds before our eyes, join her on her journey as she commits to making her fans and future audience proud and wanting more.

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