Hanna Shanar is A Scholar Shaking The Music Industry Through Stage Name “Hanzo”

Hanna Shanar
Hanna Shanar

Hanna Shanar, also known as Hanzo, born August, 8 1998 in Houston, Texas is a widely talented young musician with a host of accomplishments. Born and raised in Houston, this young man would grow into an overnight sensation without even realizing it. Hanna attended Lawerence E. Elkins Highschool, similar to other famous stars like Ross Blacklock and Travis Scott.

Shortly after graduating highschool with honors, this brilliant young man received a scholarship to Catholic college, The University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. Hanna planned to study Biology with the hopes of becoming a doctor to save lives. After four years of hard work, Hanna finally accomplished his dream of attending medical school. Hanna now has a bachelor’s degree in Biology, and attends Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, arguably the best decision of his life. In medical school is where Hanna would come to accomplish fabulous things. At the age of 23, Hanna Shanar released a best selling book titled “A Search for Truth,” which is available at major retailers for purchase. This incredible young man was featured throughout The University of St. Thomas for his wonderful accomplishments, and is a saluted alumnus of the campus.

Even more, Hanna Shanar, or Hanzo, is devoted to saving lifes. He began Rap Group Management, a record label committed to saving lives across the globe by spreading health knowledge to young people worldwide that look up to the music industry for success and influence. Hanzo has taken this even a step further by dropping his own music. Hanzo is a very talented multifaceted artist with skills in piano and guitar that truly come to life in his wondrous new album Homeostasis. His album is a gift to the melodic world and joins musical instruments together to create a unique and relaxing experience for listeners. This world of bliss evoked through Hanzo’s album Homeostasis is so wondrous that Hanzo has amassed hundreds of thousands of streams in just a few weeks.

Now, these are not Drake or Ed Sheeran numbers, but Hanzo is also newer to the industry. For a new artist, these numbers are groundbreaking, and most artists are lucky to get 10,000 streams in a couple of weeks. The sky’s the limit from here, and Hanzo might be onto something with his new album. Tens of thousands of Spotify followers are now eagerly waiting for Hanzo’s new release. Will the Homeostasis album set the stage for Hanzo’s pop?

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