Meet Shaun Enzo: The Most Versatile Rapper with Enormous Talents

Shaun Enzo
Shaun Enzo

Shaun Enzo, 26, is not just a rapper but a versatile person. Apart from making his big name in music as a talented indie artist, he’s also an entrepreneur. Shaun is extremely passionate about whatever he does—be it music or entrepreneurship.

Shaun Enzo has also invested his funds in various other ventures like real estate, clothing or cryptocoins. Shaun Enzo is a courageous entrepreneur, he believes in taking the right decision at the right time.

“I am passionate about music and entrepreneurship. I take a lot of caution before creating my musical notes or investing my hard-earned money in any business enterprise. I believe in my versatile abilities. I have a keen interest in fashion, creativity, music and real estate. If I could inspire even a single person in my life, it would be a great accomplishment for me,” Shaun Enzo explained.

Shaun Enzo launched his debut album, ‘Again’ a few months back, and it got tremendous response from fans. It garnered a lot of views and likes on YouTube. Shaun Enzo adds hard-hitting bass and his husky voice to make his tracks more audible and popular among rap enthusiasts. Though he follows none, but each time you listen to his tracks, you can feel the essence of PlaBoi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert in his songs.

“I don’t think my tracks are inspired by anyone. Though I have tremendous love and respect for all musicians and legends like PlaBoi Carti and Lil Uzi Vert, when I create my tracks, I follow my own gut feelings and intuition. Right now, I am fully concentrating on creating my innovative tracks and tunes for the DesignerDrill genre. This is the music genre in which I am really interested in.” Shaun Enzo stated.

Besides music, Shuan Enzo is also good in his studies. Right now, he’s completing his graduation in law. He believes as an entrepreneur, a law degree would really help him understand the nuances of business and entrepreneurship.

“I am serious about my entrepreneurial career. For someone who wants to launch their business venture, legal knowledge is necessary. With a law degree, I would be able to run my business more effectively keeping in mind all the necessary rules and regulations relating to business and investment. It will help me take an informed decision on time while following all legal formalities relating to business,” Shaun Enzo said.    

Shaun Enzo has also launched his own fashion streetwear brand, ‘Valenci.’ It’s already doing quite well in the fashion segment. But Shaun wants to take it to a greater height. He believes Valenci can soon be the next big brand in fashion and compete globally with other brands like Louis Vuitoon, Amiri, and Yeezy.

Shaun Enzo’s childhood has been a roller-coaster ride. He learned everything from scratch—be it music or entrepreneurship. He didn’t go to a music school to learn music or rap. He started spending a lot of time on music in his childhood, which eventually helped him shape his career as an indie artist.

The same goes with his entrepreneurial ambition too. He started investing his funds in diverse stocks and projects. It helped him make a wise investor now, but it also includes a lot of trials and experiments.

No doubt, Shaun Enzo is an inspiration to the people. He dedicates equal time for his studies, entrepreneurship and music. He’s passionate about each of these things and loves them immensely.

You can follow Shaun Enzo him on Instagram to keep a tab on his

latest activity. You should also check out his Spotify profile to listen to his new raps.


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