Tatiana Dumitru: 5 Branding Tips To Stand Out in 2022

Tatiana Dumitru
Tatiana Dumitru

As a branding specialist who has worked with over 150 companies, from startups to global corporations, I’ve seen some common branding mistakes that companies make and sabotage their growth. One thing most business owners have in common is that they waste resources on trying to either do their own branding or overlook the importance of branding.

Branding goes far beyond cute names, shiny packaging, and beautiful websites. You need a cohesive brand strategy that forms the basis of your marketing to follow. Trying to do it on your own to save money can actually cost you more down the line. Not only money wise but with your reputation.

Think of it this way: if you don’t invest in your brand, no one else will, either.

Take Facebook, for example. The company recently tried to re-brand itself. Now, they’re being called out for having a logo similar to another company’s logo, which was not a good look. Needless to say, that’s bad for business.

Luckily for Facebook, the brand was honored to have inspired Facebook’s new logo. But this isn’t the typical outcome. Most of the time, legal actions are taken against the copying company, and the reputation suffers.

On the other hand, it was also discovered that another company is already called Meta.” They’re asking for millions to sell the name. To avoid finding yourself in this debacle, it’s important to hire a specialist before moving forward with a name or other branding elements for your business.

Here are some of the top branding strategies that you should consider in 2022:

Share Your Story

Sure, some clients like your business due to the products, services, and special features you provide. But that’s not what draws them in and makes them repeat customers. Falling in love with the business itself is the best way for branding and customer growth.

How is this possible? A good brand story. People want to know the reason behind your business. They want to know what passions and values encourage you to finally take the leap and build the business they will eventually trust and love.

A powerful brand story can change the way a customer looks at your business. They will no longer feel like just a customer. Instead, they will feel closer to your company, almost as if they are a part of a community with your brand. When purchasing from your business, they can feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing they’re helping the company’s overall mission.

Focus on Sustainability

There is a big push to be more sustainable right now – as there should be. Climate change is negatively impacting the environment, and it’s the job of businesses and customers to help fix it. That said, focusing on sustainability is a huge branding trend for 2022.

How can you create a sustainable company? There are many viable options, from using ethically sourced organic materials and environmentally-friendly packaging and ingredients. You can even opt for employees to work from home. Anyone focused on sustainability can agree working from home is a decision in the right direction as it reduces pollution and the company’s overall carbon footprint.

Minimalist Designs

Brands were encouraged to create over-the-top, highly detailed designs that would entice and overwhelm the customer in the past. Not anymore. Minimalism has taken over the scene of today, and new businesses should follow suit.

The new goal is clear: reduce the clutter and create a clean look that focuses more on the quality of the products and the overall brand message. A clean and minimalist look will allude to a clear message, clean products, and a far easier experience.

Besides coming up with minimalist designs, consider extending your minimalism into other categories like your business website. Websites should be easy to navigate and speckled with eye-catching and high-quality photos that draw potential customers in. When simplicity is paired with beauty, it works. A difficult website will simply be too challenging for customers, and they’re likely to leave within the first few seconds.

Attention to Inclusion and Diversity

While the need for environmentally-friendly businesses is on the rise, so are inclusive and diverse businesses. Customers in this day and age are far more likely to order from or use a company working towards more inclusion and diversity.

There are many ways to encourage inclusiveness in your business, from the employees you hire to the products you sell and the ads you’re sharing with the public. For example, using real people as opposed to models is one way to add inclusiveness. Offering products or services to differently-abled individuals enhances diversity.

Connecting with Customers on a Deeper Level

One of the tried and true ways to brand your business is to develop trust with your customers. This isn’t always the easiest thing to do, but it’s possible. The key is to humanize your business. Make your company approachable, inviting, and helpful.

On top of that, make your company have a personality that will resonate with clients and future clients. It shouldn’t feel like you’re just trying to get a dollar out of every customer that buys from you.
In every industry, it’s the same. When customers feel like they can connect with you, they will trust you and become recurring customers. They will also use word of mouth to help build your brand – which is one of the best ways to market.

Final Words

Branding trends have changed over the past few years. Now, there is a big push for minimalism, sustainability, inclusion, and trust. It all starts with a good name and a great story. If you need help, consider a top-notch branding agency to see you through each step of the branding process for success.

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