Hermes Mansour: Why Networking Is a Powerful Tool Many People Fail to Leverage

Hemes Mansour

Hermes Mansour is well on the road to success in both of his careers, entrepreneurship and acting. For others who want to achieve similar results, he suggests taking advantage of the power of networking.

Networking is just one of many tools that Hermes uses to grow his brand. This applies to both his acting career and his supercar rental fleet in Dubai. When asked about his formula to success, Hermes lists three key things. He says, “relationships, investments, and work ethic” are all important.

The first of these, relationships, is just another way to refer to networking. Hermes refers to the way that you can build business relationships to further your success. Those business relationships can develop into mutually beneficial partnerships. They can also serve as networking. After all, when you create a strong professional relationship with someone, they are more likely to connect you with people or opportunities they know.

Networking is not only part of what Hermes Mansour describes as his formula to success; it is also a key part of his marketing strategy. He describes his approach to marketing as “word of mouth, nights out, networking, good feedback and referrals online.”

For Hermes Mansour, networking provides powerful business opportunities. It gives him insight into factors affecting his business. For example, his ability to network with others in Dubai’s tourism industry gives him insight into the industry’s future. Networking with others in the industry can also lead to business partnerships. An example would be if he is introduced to a luxury hotel owner. That person may want to recommend Hermes’ luxury supercar rentals to his clients, or even incorporate them into their services.

In Hermes’ experience, if you miss out on networking, you also miss out on opportunities. The previous examples show how networking can help his business career with a supercar fleet. Networking is also crucial for his other career, acting. It is one of the many reasons that Hermes’ appearance in “Underbelly: The Golden Mile” led to other opportunities on Channel Nine, such as “Rescue Special Ops.” He had already connected with those in Channel Nine during the first project, so they knew him when it came time to cast the second. Of course, his talent and hard work also played a role in this and other more recent roles.

Regardless of your future goals, Hermes Mansour strongly suggests taking advantage of networking. It can help craft powerful business relationships that can lead you to success.

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