Commercial Sex Exploitation in California

Human Trafficking

Sex exploitation and human trafficking are increasing day by day. Especially if we talk about the United States, California is the number one state with the highest number of cases for human trafficking. Today we will talk about some cases and some reports that we have received by an alleged person having human trafficking charges on him, we also talked to the Los Angeles Human Trafficking Attorney and he also had some important stuff to share. Now in this article we will like to discuss all the aspects that are increasing the number of human trafficking in California along with other crime rates. We will also discuss criminal lawyers and how they are defending the cases of human trafficking in America.

The scourge of human trafficking involves the recruitment, harboring or the transport of people into a situation where they are exploited by people using violence, deception, or coercion and forced to work against their will.

Trafficking is a process of enslaving people, coercing them into a situation with no way out, and exploiting them. People can be trafficked for many different forms of exploitation such as forced prostitution, forced labour, forced begging, forced criminalitydomestic servitudeforced marriage, and even forced organ removal.

The Girl from Thailand!

We will first report a case that we discussed with one of the victims of human trafficking; one of our reporters got in touch with the girl while he was on vacation a few months ago. The girl was forced to be a sex slave for an unknown person in California. Our reporter asked her about her background to which she told me that she belonged to Thailand and was trafficked here three years ago. She was approached by a Native American in Thailand who offered her a job in Washington and promised a good amount of money to support her poor family. She told us that she agreed to the offer as she was already in a financial crunch, and the offer she got couldn’t be resisted. She told us that she was around 14 years old when she was approached by that man.

We promised her to keep her name anonymous as she told her story to us, she told us further that the man stayed in touch with her a few months when he was in Thailand and he paid some handsome amount of money to her while both of them were still there, she confessed that the money gained her trust, and she agreed to go with him to the United States for more work and money. The man offered him a job in a knitting factory in California and asked her to also ask some of her friends to go with her to America as he promised he would pay them well. She told us further that she and one of her friends had agreed and the immigration process began, “we were not issued a visa for America at first,” she told us, the man took them to Canada and left them with gang where she told us were more than fifty of girls from different countries. They were all in their teenage the girl confessed.

“I was sold for 50,000$ in Canada,” the girl told us.  The gang to which she was sold physically abused her, and she was now one of the prey of sexual exploitation. She told us that the gang used them for a few days and then all of them were shipped to America. In America, she told us that they were kept in the basement of a house that she didn’t know where it was located. The house was used as a commercial sex place the girl told us, and from here, our next character, the alleged person gets involved.

The girl told us about this person who came to that house one day and got into this conversation with a girl who came from Thailand. On knowing that the girls were forced into this sexual exploitation, the boy reported this to the local police. The boy told us that this was the least he could do, but to his surprise, the police didn’t respond to the event, and he said that when he came to that place the very next day with a cop, the gang, and the girls were gone.

Involvement of Police

You see, in these situations and crimes, very influential people are involved in them; the police the precincts can’t act without orders from their seniors.  Human trafficking has increased so much in California due to the involvement of law enforcement agencies in these cases. We have heard that some of the precinct’s captains are offered sex slaves to support human trafficking in the city. Now if you look at the scenario, the girls and the young boys who are being smuggled and kidnapped from other cities and countries are suffering a lot; they are suffering physically, emotionally, and financially as well as even for being sex workers, they don’t get paid.

The lawyer that we talked about that girl’s case also told us that she wouldn’t be able to take up her case as evidence of trafficking was not enough and if the cops were involved they would simply make it a case of human smuggling in which the boy and the girl both will get into trouble. The lawyer was right. Without the confession of the middle man who transferred the girls from Thailand to Canada the case had no strong point, moreover the girl had been doing the sex job for more than four years now, and now she needs a lot more to prove.

Lawyers Have a Say in This Matter!

The lawyer told us that we all know that the girls are trafficked and kidnapped into this business, but a lot of them cannot file cases or even escape their workplace for many years. As a result, what happens is that they remain silent and keep on bearing this abuse all their lives. The lawyer fraternity is not even taking up free cases for these girls as they say that they can get into trouble for doing so.

Only some agencies and human rights teams are working for those girls who somehow get in touch with them. We need to spread awareness, especially in California, to eradicate this crime. Awareness campaigns are very important in these matters as education is the only key that can enlighten the brains of the people who are supporting this smuggling and trafficking.

There are some lawyers who have been defending accused people of trafficking girls and little boys for sex work and slavery. These criminals should not be supported or defended. This crime should be made punishable, and the people involved in this crime must be hanged so that it should be clear to all of the others that perishing the lives of poor girls will not be tolerated.

Here we will discuss another kind of abuse that is not given much attention and importance but in our opinion is as severe as human trafficking. This abuse is known as bullying. Bullying is torturing a child and insulting him on his appearance, his race, color, or any personal trait. This usually happens in colleges or in high schools. This has a very negative effect on that child’s life. The person bullying the child does not understand that he is shattering the mind of that child. The children who are bullied in their childhood have a very difficult adult life. They are not confident, they are more scared to take up challenges, and they are afraid of failure, so they quit even to try something. Most of these bullied children end up getting involved in drugs and smoking.

Parents should be more responsible and careful with the upbringing of their children, and the child should feel loved and confident in their own personal space. Make sure you ensure that your children are not getting in touch with some travel agents who promise them jobs and end up selling them to smugglers. Make sure your child is not involved in drugs and in pornographic stuff, which triggers his or her inclination towards being a sex worker. Generally, people who are involved in drugs and sexual content are the ones who get into trouble and end up in sexual exploitation and abuse.

Today there are many people who are working for these abused and poor people, and so we would like to urge our readers to join them and support this noble cause. Sex workers or slaves are always not working with their consent; they are forced and abused to do so. You must look for victims and help them travel back to their homes. An awareness campaign must be started to educate people to accept these abused souls as we were the ones in the first place who tore them apart, and today we are the ones who are reluctant to help them when they need us. Don’t promise anyone hopes, especially people who are prey to human trafficking as they have already trusted the wrong person and have suffered many years of their lives, so make sure you don’t abuse them mentally more and more.

We would like to conclude this article by requesting our readers to report any missing persons and any victims if you meet any. You can make a difference in society if you are successful in helping at least one person.

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline toll-free hotline at 1-888-373-7888: Anti-Trafficking Hotline Advocates are available 24/7 to take reports of potential human trafficking.


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