DICT IEO Now Live on P2B Exchange! Empowering Innovators and Creating a Web3 Community of Trailblazers!

DICT IEO Now Live on P2B Exchange! Empowering Innovators and Creating a Web3 Community of Trailblazers!

We are super thrilled to announce that  DICT’s Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) has successfully launched on the P2B Exchange, and participants can now buy tokens, to be part of the future of innovation.  As a unique Web3 community, DICT, which stands for Design, Innovation, Co-Creation, and Technology is committed to accelerating the growth of innovators across diverse industries. 

What is DICT?

DICT is a DAO accelerator and incubator composed of a diverse community of members and organizations, including scientists, engineers, artists, creators, entrepreneurs, founders, CxOs, investors, students, teachers, professors, medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, startups, local governments, schools, universities, institutes, etc., from various fields globally. The platform uses the Decentralized Autonomous Organization concept to create an experience-based DAO platform for participants, which will eventually evolve to be a real social network.

DICT is targeted at leveraging the enormous potential of blockchain technology in building a viable platform where innovators can thrive effortlessly. This platform will serve as a launchpad for many projects and a foundation for founding startups. Being a DAO platform, it also seeks to foster effective leadership management by creating a more inclusive and democratic environment. As a result, it overcomes the pitfalls of the traditional top-down approach where decisions come from a single authority or a small group at the top.

As a purpose-driven community aiming to revolutionize the world through its community of innovators, DICT Community has been facilitating impressive projects since 2022. These projects serve as avenues for innovators to acquire knowledge, garner ideas and translate them into ground-breaking impacts.

About the Founder

DICT’s founder, Shinya Yamamoto, PhD is a Japanese academic researcher, founder of Link & Innovation, Inc. and founder of one of Japan’s leading acceleration projects, DICT CUBE TOKYO. He is currently engaged in academic research on social entrepreneurship, Technology & Innovation Management, Clinical Research, Science for Innovation Policy and global MBA education.


The successful launch of DICT’s Initial Exchange Offering on the P2B Exchange marks a monumental milestone for the Web3 world and the global community. Participants now have the opportunity to invest and contribute to the future of innovation by buying DICT Token on the P2B exchange, which is one of the biggest digital exchanges in the world. With our focus on Design, Innovation, Co-Creation, and Technology, DICT remains dedicated to fostering growth and collaboration among innovators across various industries. This is definitely some great news!

DICT IEO is in progress on P2B.

🔹Launchpad: p2pb2b.com/token-sale/DICT-699/

Learn more about the project:

🔸 Website: dictech.vercel.app

🔸 Telegram: t.me/dict_community

🔸 Twitter: twitter.com/dict00



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