Human trafficking : the dark side of the body parts trafficking


    Unfortunately, it is known to most of the international actors that China has replaced Latin America or India as a major world supplier of organs for transplantation. Don’t be misunderstood as transplantation of organs is a lifesaving therapy which has been proven very successful in saving lives over decades now.

    However, the demand always overcome the supply and leads to a massive global organ trafficking which exploits poor, underprivileged and persecuted members of the society. It also exploits criminally young people from Western Europe to Far-east asia, and the victims are also the children.

    In China, unlike the “normal” process in Western countries where the transplantation process can take months or even years, the patient can find a transplant program that can schedule a cardiac transplant from a compatible donor weeks in advance… How can this be? China has currently the second-largest transplant program in the world, after the United States. Transplant operation increased rapidly in the early 2000s without any corresponding rise in the voluntary organ donor programs, which obviously led to question the source of the organs. But these organs are not only transplanted in China’s clinics and hospitals.

    It is known that the transplantation business in China is based on the forced “harvesting” of organs on prisoners. But other sources of organs are uncovered every month. In October 2022, Pakistan authorities have released a very laconic report on the discovery of 500. Unidentified bodies on a rooftop of Nishar Hospital in Multan, Balochistan. The Pakistani
    southern province suffers from many years of a yearly average of 50’000 forced disappearance without any reaction from the authorities. The bodies found showed that the most “wanted” organs were missing in all of them.

    Similarily, on the southern border of Mongolia, the disappearance of young men, women and children have raised concern from the Mongolian authorities since years, with the former Presidency being so alarmed that they started to summon China to explain themselves and to put an end to what appeared as a well-organized trafficking. Over 10’000 children have disappeared from the region and illegally and forcefully transferred to China. during the period 2005 to 2015. Parents were taking all measures to protect their kids in the way to school, to playgrounds or to social events.

    These kids have been reportedly fuelling the slaves, sexual and organ trafficking in Asia, just as the prisoners in China and now the unfortunate people from Balochistan and Pachtoun territories.

    These minorities and undefended population are used in games where authorities uses these bodies not only as a source of profit but also as a way to reduce minority populations for geopolitical objectives. On the other end, the business profits the intermediaries, doctors, clinics and hospitals that exploits the terrible dilemma of transplantation candidates, sometimes at the other side of the world. Let your kid live by killing another innocent child should not be a dilemma because the answer is very obvious in terms of moral and ethics and simple humanity. But despair is the most powerful ingredient that overcome all moral hurdles. Curbing this trafficking is quite simple in fact because all clinics and hospitals that are required to perform transplantations have to declare such operations, so one just need to get a nose into the accountability and books of such clinics. But the money on the table seems to huge and the consent of the transplanted so thick that this have never been realized so far, nor by China (obviously) but neither by any western world country that loves to give lessons of human rights to everybody without doing their part at home.

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