3 Things to Think About Before Starting Your Own Business


Do you dream of starting your own business? Are you determined to take an idea that you have and turn it into something wonderful? If so, you should know that the road to success has lots of bends and bumps along the way but, once you get to a point where you’re hitting your revenue targets, it is an amazing feeling. What are some of the challenges that you can expect to face? Are they going to be too difficult to overcome? Let’s find out as we explore some of the things that every entrepreneur should think about before setting up a business.

Funding May be the Deciding Factor in Your Success

A business is like a plant; it needs continual watering (i.e., cash) in order to grow. So, while you may think that getting some injections of capital early on is sufficient to keep going, the reality may be very different. It’s impossible to separate your business from the competition if you don’t have cash to spend on marketing, new technologies, and hiring the best employees. Snapping up expansion opportunities will not be an option as you will not have the funding that’s needed to expand operations and enter new markets. Your business will fall at the first hurdle as you will not be able to weather the storms that every business has to go through in the early days. It’s so important to have enough funding, whether it’s coming from lenders, investors, personal accounts, or government grants if you want your business to reach its full growth potential.

Technology Will Play a Big Part of Your Operations

Businesses could, in the past, survive without using technology. They relied on word of mouth for marketing, invoices were hand-written and humans carried out all roles within operations. That has all changed with the widespread adaption of the internet and tech. Now, in contrast, not many companies could function without some form of technology. Let’s take a business in the logistics operations as an example.

Fleet managers are using machines and software to monitor the wear and tear on their vehicles, track idling time, and ensure accurate billing for equipment. They’re using the same software to complete engine hours to mileage calculation and track driver safety. Drivers are taking GPS data from these very same systems to optimize their routes and take regular breaks in compliance with regulatory standards. Employees in the same company are using book-keeping software to keep accounts up to date for when the tax season comes around. All members of the team are using apps to communicate and collaborate. They’re using email and have meetings once per month via Zoom. This is just one example of how technology plays a major role in this type of business. The takeaway from this point is to embrace technology and your road to success will be much faster and a lot less stressful.

It Can Be a Lonely Journey

Coffee dates with your team. Team building days out. Business meetings in nice hotels. Phone calls with friendly clients. A helping hand from your support network when you need it. Drinks on a Friday evening to celebrate another successful week. That’s the not-so-realistic view of being a business owner. The truth is that being an entrepreneurcan be a very lonely experience. You are the one in charge and responsible for everything that happens, good or bad. This can be a lot of pressure to handle on your own and it’s easy for stress to build up. You have to be the one to make all the important decisions. You are the one that has to go and look for additional funding from investors. You are the person that will have to deal with unsatisfied customers. There may not even be anyone there to bounce ideas off when you’re feeling inspired. That doesn’t sound too glamorous, right? Being lonely when in business is a very real thing and it can have disastrous effects.

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