Ways to Separate Your Business from the Competition


No matter what industry your business is in, you likely have to deal with competition. You and your competitors will fight for customers and try to establish yourself as the leader in the space.

But with so much competition, how can you give your business a leg up? If you offer the same product or service at a relatively similar price point, it can feel like a toss-up when it comes to who customers will want to purchase from.

Well, the best way to give yourself a leg up is to offer something that will help your business stand out and differentiate itself. It should be something customers value, want, or enjoy. Here are some ways your business can separate itself and pull ahead of the competition in your industry. 

Better Packaging

A great way to show that you are different from everyone else is through your packaging. Many customers will make a purchasing decision based on the color and design of your packaging, as it represents the style and quality of what is inside. You want your packaging to be eye-catching and high-quality in nature.

Using a service like https://www.ctpboxes.com can help ensure your packaging looks great, though you may choose to handle packaging on your own as well. You should be aware of the packaging of your competition, and look for ways to stand out and improve upon what they offer.

Even if you sell products online, the packaging you ship and package products in can have an impact. If you put effort into this area of your business, it can show customers you care about their unboxing experience and want it to be enjoyable.

High-Quality Customer Service

Customer service is incredibly important to the growth and success of a business. Good service can help customers become more loyal, tell their friends about your business and can often make them feel better about working with you.

No matter how great a product is, if your service is poor, you simply won’t find as much success as you could have. Despite this, many companies offer poor customer service, and this is an opportunity for other businesses to steal their market share.

High-quality customer service is all about being kind, answering questions and concerns quickly, and providing actionable and comprehensive advice. Great customer service can take some work to achieve and maintain, but is well worth it for the many benefits it brings to your business and the bottom line. 

Have a Strong Social Media Presence

social mediaWith billions of people using social media in some capacity, it is critical that your company is active on social media. Social media is great for engaging with customers, answering questions, getting feedback, reaching new customers and much more.

A good social media profile and strategy can also help your company appear more laid-back and relatable, and humanize your business a little.

When posting ads or marketing content aimed at getting new customers, be sure that all of your social media posts aren’t too “salesy” in nature. You can post valuable content, repost customer videos that have been sent in, or even make topical and business-related comments on pop culture happenings.

In addition to social media, it is crucial to have a great website, as many customers will search online for products and companies to buy from, and you need to make sure you have a quality site for them to visit.

Helping You Stand Out From the Crowd

With many industries being full of competition, standing out and separating yourself is always important. By offering better packaging, better customer service and having a better online presence, you can give yourself a good chance of success in the future.


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