Wish to thrill your kid with the best toy, Head on over to Kids on Wheelz and make them feel special


Karan S Pansi, the brand owner, believes that to cater to the modern-day demands of modern-day kids’ needs, cutting-edge solutions like Kids on Wheelz are needed.

It is always amazing to learn about all those brands and businesses that believe in constantly adapting and innovating, according to the changing times of the world. These brands and companies have been able to ace the game of business because they have entered niches, usually not touched by many and have even gone ahead in excelling at the same. The gifting industry, especially for kids, has been one that has seen only a handful of brands doing exceedingly well. It is not an industry every entrepreneur wants to be a part of because of the repetitive stuff they may have to sell for kids, which may not be a viable option for growing a business. However, entering such a challenging space and doing his magic is Karan S Pansi, who has enthralled people with his brand ‘Kids on Wheelz’.

Kids on Wheelz comes as a breath of fresh air in the industry for the kind of unique gifting options it offers for all the kids out there who always aspire to own something new. Working around this idea helped Karan S Pansi initiate Kids on Wheelz as an innovative gifting company, which has been thriving on its creative and exceptional gift options, backed by modern technology, something other companies are still striving to ace.

The offers can get very limited in the gifting space for kids, but to offer something new and take the industry by storm, Kids on Wheelz was founded. However, the kind of success the company has earned did not happen overnight. Karan S Pansi had to work day in and day out to understand the markets, carry out his research, study the growth of the industry and many other methods that could draw success for his company.

Why the name Kids on Wheelz, you wonder? Well, the entrepreneur decided to offer high-quality ride-on cars for the little ones. Their kids car designs range from giant brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini to many other beast cars that are the exact replicas of the original.

So, what are you waiting for? Thinking to gift your little one something exciting and different? Kids on Wheelz comes to your rescue.

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