Toronto Man Kevin Tyrell HEMMINGS Faces Trafficking in Persons Charge Following Motel Assault

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Alleged Assault at Motel

Thunder Bay, Ontario A Toronto man is now facing several charges, including Trafficking in Persons, after an investigation into an alleged assault at a local motel. The Thunder Bay Police Service has taken a strong stance against human trafficking, and this arrest marks another step in their efforts.

The incident unfolded on Monday, Aug. 28, just before 9:40 p.m., when officers from the Thunder Bay Police Service’s Primary Response Branch were dispatched to a motel on the city’s south side in response to reports of an ongoing assault.

Discovery of Assault and Human Trafficking

Upon arriving at the scene, police encountered a male suspect. Further investigation revealed that the female victim had allegedly been trafficked from Western Canada to Thunder Bay. Authorities believe the male suspect was receiving material benefits as a result of engaging in human trafficking activities.

Charges and Accused’s Identity

Kevin Tyrell HEMMINGS, 24, of Toronto, has been charged with the following offences:

  • Assault
  • Assault Causing Bodily Harm
  • Trafficking in Persons
  • Material Benefit Resulting from Trafficking Person
  • Forcible Confinement

Judicial Proceedings

HEMMINGS made an appearance in Thunder Bay’s bail court on Tuesday, Aug. 29. He was subsequently remanded into custody, with a future court appearance scheduled.

Human Trafficking Awareness

This incident highlights the importance of raising awareness about human trafficking and its impact on victims, especially women. To avoid becoming victims of human trafficking, women are encouraged to:

  • Stay cautious when interacting with strangers.
  • Be wary of individuals offering opportunities that seem too good to be true.
  • Avoid traveling alone to unfamiliar locations.
  • Trust their instincts and seek help if they feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

The Thunder Bay Police Service remains committed to combating human trafficking and ensuring the safety and well-being of all community members.

Charges and Penalties for Human Trafficking under the Criminal Code of Canada

Human trafficking is a grave criminal offence under the Criminal Code of Canada. This heinous crime involves recruiting, transporting, transferring, harbouring, or receiving individuals through various means for the purpose of exploitation, which often includes sexual exploitation or forced labor.

To combat this atrocious act, Canadian law prescribes severe penalties for those found guilty of human trafficking.

Individuals charged with human trafficking may face a range of offences under the Criminal Code. These charges can include trafficking in persons, material benefit from trafficking, and even related offences like kidnapping, sexual assault, or assault causing bodily harm, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Traffickers who exploit their victims for sexual purposes could also face additional charges under Canada’s prostitution laws.

The penalties for human trafficking convictions are severe, reflecting the seriousness of the crime. Offenders may face lengthy prison sentences, with a minimum penalty of five years for trafficking adults and a minimum of six years for trafficking minors. In cases involving aggravated circumstances, such as involving a firearm or kidnapping, the penalties can be even more severe, potentially resulting in life imprisonment.

In addition to prison time, those convicted of human trafficking may be subject to fines, forfeiture of assets obtained through the crime, and court orders for restitution to victims. Canadian law also provides provisions for the protection and support of victims, recognizing the vulnerability of those subjected to trafficking.

Prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, and the legal system as a whole remain committed to combatting human trafficking and ensuring that those who perpetrate this crime face significant consequences for their actions.

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