Vancouver Weather for Canada Day: A Mixed Bag

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Start Your Canada Day with a Refreshing Morning

Current Conditions in Vancouver

As of 2:00 AM PDT on Monday, July 1, 2024, the weather in Vancouver is partly cloudy with a temperature of 15.7°C. The wind is blowing from the east-southeast at 13 km/h, providing a gentle breeze. The barometric pressure is at 101.9 kPa and falling, which may indicate changing weather conditions. Humidity is at a high 85%, making the air feel a bit damp, and visibility is excellent at 32 km.

Today’s Forecast: A Mix of Sun and Clouds

Monday, July 1: The day will start mainly cloudy with a 30% chance of showers near the mountains in the morning. Any fog patches that developed overnight will dissipate by late morning. By noon, expect the skies to clear, bringing more sunshine. The high temperature will reach 20°C, but it will feel warmer, especially inland where temperatures could reach 24°C with a humidex of 26. The UV index is rated at 6, which is high, so make sure to protect your skin if you’re outside.

This evening, the skies will clear up with a few clouds expected later in the night. Winds will shift to the southwest at 20 km/h in the afternoon before calming down in the evening. The low tonight will be 11°C.

Tomorrow’s Weather: Overcast with Showers

Tuesday, July 2: The weather will turn cloudy again with a 40% chance of showers throughout the day. The high will be around 20°C, making it a cooler day compared to today.

In the evening, expect cloudy periods with a low of 13°C.

Midweek Outlook

Wednesday, July 3: The midweek forecast suggests a mix of sun and clouds with a slight chance of showers. Stay tuned for more detailed updates as the week progresses.

Historical Weather Data

For July 1, Vancouver’s historical high temperature was recorded at 29.5°C in 1968, while the record low was a cool 9.8°C in 1955. Today’s weather sits comfortably between these extremes, making for a pleasant day overall.

Wardrobe Suggestions

For today, dress in layers to accommodate the mixed weather. A light jacket or sweater will be useful, especially in the morning and evening when temperatures are cooler. Don’t forget an umbrella or rain jacket for the potential morning showers. For inland areas, lighter clothing will be more comfortable during the warmer part of the day.

Fun Weather Fact

Did you know? Vancouver is one of the wettest cities in Canada, receiving an average of 1,199 mm of rainfall annually. However, summers are generally dry, making this Canada Day a typical blend of Vancouver’s variable weather.

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