7 Resources You’ll Need for Online Pharmacy Technician Programs

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Starting an online pharmacy technician program is your first step to a rewarding career in health care nonetheless, enthusiasm will only get you so far in such a program. To succeed in your studies and get the best out of your educational journey, you need all the resources at hand. From beginners to those who are looking for ways to improve their current toolkit; here are 7 essential resources for signing up for online schools for pharmacy tech.

Quality Study Resources

To be successful, technicians must have a thorough understanding of pharmaceuticals. Purchase textbooks and study guides designed for use with online pharmacy technician programs. Resources on pharmacy calculations, drug classifications, and pharmacology should be reviewed as well as subject matter in a state-specific law section of the test. These will be your main context materials and what you need to rely on for some light bulb moments of how things work as a professional.

Online Modules and Simulations

Online pharmacy technician programs typically have simulated learning environments that guide students through each module. These resources give students a practical experience through which they can master the basics of dispensing medications, managing stocks, or helping with prescriptions. These tools are available for you to hone your theoretical skills and experiment (without real hardware) on their virtual installation.

Drug Information Databases

Pharmacy technicians must be able to use databases including drug information. Leverage drug information databases like Micromedex or Lexicomp and subscribe to their services. They offer thorough resources on interactions, dosages, adverse effects, and much more that assist the user in making informed decisions within a clinical context.

Exams and Study Materials for Certification

Certification is usually required to become a licensed pharmacy technician. Sit for certification exams such as the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) or the Examination for Certified Pharmacy Technicians (ExCPT), using both practice exams and preparation materials. These resources replicate the real-time exam format and test content you need to review your readiness, evaluate performance, apply knowledge, and develop learning.

Online Forums and Discussion Groups

One of those is, joining the online forums during your time in an internet program to meet with your friends or network together who work within this area and a few other ways where you’re able to combine like participating. One of the best sources for ideas or questions is to turn to online forums and discussion groups related to pharmacy technician education where you can talk with your fellow mates as well as professional approaches.


Virtual lab software equipment, supplies, and consumables – hands-on experience is essential for learning the requisite pharmacy technician tasks. Using virtual lab software and equipment is a way for you to practice your pharmaceutical calculations, compounding techniques, drug-specific responses, and other critical skills in an actual or simulated laboratory environment. Nothing is going to replace a real lab, but for remote learners, these resources seem like they can offer an easy way in.

Pharmacy Today Professional Development Resources

Pharmacy is a dynamic profession with new drugs and technologies being introduced daily; you need to stay up-to-date with trends in the industry. Look into professional development opportunities like webinars, workshops, and continuing education courses to grow your expertise and broaden your skill base Pursuing a career in any field requires lifelong learning, either to further your career as a pharmacy technician or for personal and professional development.

For a student to be successful in online pharmacy technician programs, it takes some work ethic, patience, and access to the appropriate resources. Utilizing textbooks, interactive modules, drug information databases, practice exams with feedback provided, and online forums for seeking help from teachers or classmates during the coursework will increase one’s learning experience to lead one to success in this thriving field.

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