Northeast Wildfire Update: June 15, 2024 – Five New Fires

Wildland Forest Wildfire Update

As of early evening on Saturday, June 15, five new wildland fires have been confirmed in the Northeast Fire Region. There are currently six active wildland fires.

  • Sault Ste. Marie 5 (SAU005): This fire, approximately 0.3 hectares, was confirmed early this evening about 5 kilometres west of Goulais River Provincial Park. It is not yet under control.
  • North Bay 7 (NOR007): Measuring 0.5 hectares, this fire is located at the west end of Porcupine Lake between Mashkinonje and French River Provincial Parks. It is not yet under control.
  • Algonquin Park 1 (APK001): A 0.1-hectare fire being held near Provoking Lake, about 2 kilometres south of Highway 60 and 21 kilometres northwest of Whitney. One FireRanger crew is committed to this fire.
  • Sudbury 13 (SUD013): This 2.8-hectare fire is located about 9 kilometres north of Killarney and along the shore just west of the boundary of Killarney Provincial Park. It is not yet under control, with two FireRanger crews assigned.
  • Timmins 7 (TIM007): A 0.1-hectare fire confirmed early in the afternoon and called out a few hours later. This fire was in the southern part of Pharand Lake, about 50 kilometres southwest of Timmins.
  • Cochrane 8 (COC008): This 35-hectare fire is being observed and is located about 57.5 kilometres northwest of Moosonee.
  • Cochrane 9 (COC009): A large 6,022-hectare fire being observed east of Parson Lake and 8 kilometres west of the Quebec border.

Fire Hazard Conditions

The fire hazard across the Northeast Region varies from low to high. Low fire hazards are noted in areas between Smooth Rock Falls, Temiskaming Shores, and Marathon, as well as east of North Bay and Gravenhurst. High fire hazards are present in Sault Ste. Marie, Elliot Lake, Espanola, Greater Sudbury, and West Nipissing. The surrounding areas face a moderate fire hazard. The Far North is mainly moderate with pockets of high fire hazard around Fort Albany and Peawanuck.

For the latest forest fire danger ratings, visit the interactive map: Forest Fire Information Map.

Safety Reminders

  • Waterbombers: When waterbombers approach a body of water, move close to the shore to allow safe scooping. Waterbombers will not scoop if watercraft pose a safety hazard. Stay safe, stay clear.
  • No Drone Zone: Flying drones near forest fires is dangerous and illegal. Drones endanger pilots, firefighters, and emergency personnel. Always keep drones away from forest fires.

Report a Wildland Fire

  • North of the French and Mattawa Rivers: Dial 310-FIRE.
  • South of the French or Mattawa Rivers: Dial 9-1-1.
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