Positive Organization Scholar Dr John Lewis Evans Jr On Helping Others Achieve Their Goals


As a Positive Organizational Scholar, Dr John Lewis Evans Jr has a great reputation in DeLand, Florida. He assists people in realising their dreams by assisting them in understanding what needs to be done. The Culture of WOW, Finding Your Ballast, Stress Management in a Covid World; Unlocking Value for Both Parties in Negotiations; Speech Giving to a New World Audience are just a few of Dr Evans’s strategies.

Dr Evans meets with people in one-on-one professional sessions. He aspires to achieve eudaimonia and wants people to attain their goals successfully. For a decade, the doctor collaborated with the Johnson and Johnson Human Performance Institute, the United States Navy SEALS, Georgetown University’s Robert Bies, PhD, Pepperdine University’s Vance Caesar, PhD, and Betsy Sanders, the Nordstrom Client Experience’s creator.

Dr Evans spent 13 years as the head of a consulting section at Janus Capital, a global investment firm. He was also the Vice President of Sales for American Century Investments in Florida. Before that, he worked for three years as the Executive Assistant to a US Senator in Washington, DC.

Dr Evans explains why he chose to be a Positive Organizational Scholar: “I believe that society will grow if we raise and encourage one another. In today’s world, it’s critical to assist people in comprehending the path they should take, providing adequate motivation, and assisting them in gaining information in the sector they choose to pursue. I have the honour of helping such minds and assisting them in fulfilling their aspirations. My job makes me happy and content.”

Dr John Lewis Evans Jr has written four books in addition to providing online and in-person consultations to people all over the world. Two of his books went on to become best-sellers. Dr Evans also writes for Barrons, The Orlando Sentinel, and other publications. Because of his extensive expertise and abilities, the Governor of Florida appointed him to teach customer service to aviation authorities in the state senate. He was named one of Central Florida’s most influential citizens by the Orlando Sentinel.

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