CEO of 1 People Jonathan Tjoa Algreen Is on a Mission to Create Stylish, Innovative, and Ethical Fashion


    Covid-19 has changed the world in different ways. According to McKinsey & Company’s State of Fashion Report 2019, it was the ‘year of awakening.’ Consumers sought greater transparency from all fashion retailers. While many thought that sustainable development goals would take a backseat amid the chaotic period of covid-19, sustainability has refused to take the back seat. 


    As the pandemic peaked and businesses slumped, the actual colors of the fashion industry were exposed, and the inequalities were revealed. People have become more conscious of what they are buying and how it affects the community and planet at large. Covid-19 and the impending disaster of global warming have sparked a fashion revolution. Jonathan Tjoa Algreen is one such advocate of sustainable and ethical fashion.


    He views the pandemic as the perfect opportunity to reflect upon the global, local, and personal decisions that have been the root cause of the crisis humans face today. As a serial entrepreneur with 20 years of experience building and scaling businesses, he shares his golden insights, “We can solve all the big challenges in the world through business. Why? Because most capital, skillful people, and innovations are home within the business community. I’m not saying politicians can’t drive true change in the world, but often real change doesn’t come through politics because it’s absorbed in power games, corruption, and ideology which means frozen thinking. Real change comes from the people, the consumers, and the businesses that want to drive positive change in the world by solving the world’s challenges or just the small daily life challenges. This makes business so effective and impactful.” 


    As the owner of the Danish sustainable luxury brand, 1 People, and Impact Business Investment Group, Jonathan makes sure that all his businesses are created with a people and planet-driven mindset. He prioritizes innovation, sustainability, collaboration, and global relationships.


    1 People is a people and planet-centric business which produces sustainable and eco-friendly fashion items. The company aims to create jobs for people and provide fair treatment to workers, presence of natural resources, making profits without creating damages but contributing to the betterment of the world is the ultimate plan. 


    Jonathan manages to do this by leading the company with strict sustainability criteria. He makes sure that all production partners have the proper sustainable material certifications, provide safe working conditions and prioritize the wellbeing of the employees. 


    Along with that, style is never compromised either. Jonathan and his wife, Rea Tjoa Algreen, who plays a huge part in leading the company along with him, make sure that the brand stands out for providing a holistic fashion experience. All while raising awareness of slow fashion. 

    You can be a part of a sustainable fashion experience and shop consciously with 1 People on the website here.

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