How to Drive Wisely: 5 Tips for Motorists

Proper route planning not only saves time but also helps you avoid getting lost or distracted. Ensure you have an updated GPS device or a reliable map to guide you
Proper route planning not only saves time but also helps you avoid getting lost or distracted. Ensure you have an updated GPS device or a reliable map to guide you

Motorists spend hundreds of hours on the roads per year. That’s especially the case if you drive daily – on a commute to and from work, or to help ferry your family around to schools and social events. However, time spent on the road doesn’t necessarily add up to driving wisdom of the sort that’ll keep you and your family safe, and your car in one piece and operational, for many years to come.

Instead, it’s worth bearing in mind common tips to help you drive safely and sustainably over the long-term.

  1. Driving Style

There are two sides to your driving style. The first is to drive in a safe and predictable manner, so that other road users are fully aware of what you’re planning on doing and so that your own vehicle is less likely to be involved in a collision. And the second is to drive in such a way as to reduce wear and tear in your engine. Don’t hit the top of your rev counter where possible, and make sure you’re changing gears smoothly, in order to help your car avoid engine damage over the long term.

  1. Maintenance 

All cars still require maintenance in order to work effectively. That means, for the wise motorist, being willing to take your vehicle into the garage around once every six months for a quick check-up. It also means being aware of any changes to the way your car feels – be that in how the brakes feel or how it accelerates – so that you can identify issues with the mechanics of your car before they develop into more damaging and expensive faults.

  1. Accidents 

Most road users experience at least one accident in their lives. These can range from very minor scrapes to serious and harmful accidents that involve injuries. In either case, and in the cases in between, it’s important to be aware of the legal structures in place that’ll allow you to claim compensation. Always look to experienced car accident attorneys, like those found at, to help you recover financially from an accident on the roads.

  1. Insurance 

Motorists need insurance to protect themselves from financial jeopardy should their vehicle experience damage on the roads. Insurance policies differ dramatically in the motoring space, so it’s important for wise drivers to consult the small-print of each policy they consider carefully. You’re looking especially for a policy that will protect you from having to pay out of your own pocket should your car be damaged by another road user – or should you damage another road user’s car.

  1. Environment

Finally, in an age of increasing environmental concerns, it’s important for wise road users to know when they should keep their car parked and instead head out for a walk, for a cycle, or on public transport. Those quick trips to the local store for some milk or bread needn’t always be done in your car – and it may actually be nice to walk it once in a while. Plus, you’ll be doing your bit to reduce emissions worldwide.

These five tips will help motorists become wiser and savvier when they’re on the roads.

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