Meet Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, a seasoned impact investor credited of building successful businesses.


    His rich experience of more than two decades has helped create numerous success stories.

    In this cut-throat competitive world where one is better than the other, having a cutting edge which makes them go a step ahead than others, it has become extremely important to amalgamate a foolproof sustainable approach that can help businesses thrive and race ahead. Business owners and entities across the globe have realized the importance of doing something worthwhile which makes them stand out from the rest. The best way to go about it is to adapt methods which are distinct and makes one appear unique. “Adapting greener choices is something which helps businesses grow and make an impact,” says Jonathan Tjoa Algreen, who has established a strong foothold specializing in multiple zones as a philanthropist, serial investor, thought leader in impact driven business, and CEO/founder of multiple companies like Impact Business Investment Group (IBIG), 1 People, Business for Planet, and co-owner of Valified, Nordic Impact Bridge, DoLand, LOVENATURE Superfoods, and Wennick–Lefèvre.

    Jonathan says that the world of entrepreneurship always mesmerized him right from his childhood and to fuel his passion he did start his journey in his own special manner by buying candies and selling them to those around him for a profit. Going ahead, he mastered the art of owning and managing successful businesses, creating them and selling them for neat profits. He was strongly inclined towards green and socially responsible initiatives and all of his businesses be it in fashion, jewelry, education, food, tech, fintech, pharmaceutical, medico, property, investment platforms or any other space had a pinch of it, which made it stand out and get noticed. Today, a majority of his businesses are managed by his ‘Impact Business Investment Group’ (IBIG). The company is constantly focusing on entrepreneurs who are interested to take the green and socially responsible initiatives a step further by amalgamating them in their business model.

    Jonathan says that he is not here for profits, but to make an impact through his initiatives which would make the globe a better place to live in the future. There are plans to establish regional offices in Europe and a few new launches which will be introduced to the world shortly, one amongst which is the free online entrepreneur program, ‘Business for Planet’ which will focus on educating, helping, mentoring and supporting socially driven entrepreneurs and investors providing funds wherever required if he finds their ideas have the potential to make it big.

    To know more about on Jonathan’s initiatives, follow him on Instagram: @jonathanalgreen.

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