Innovative Business Approach Centered on Sustainability, Super-efficient Team and the Outstanding Leadership of Jonathan Tjoa Algreen Is What Stands behind 1 People


    Building a business from scratch is a herculean task. It requires a lot of dedication, constant drive, and solid commitment. It also needs a focused team that aims to create success. Starting such a business with a life partner or spouse can be a great way to build your empire. Married couple Jonathan Tjoa Algreen and Rea Tjoa Algreen joined together as business partners to contribute to a better world with an ethical fashion brand, 1 People.

    The company was established in Denmark in 2012 and later expanded to Indonesia in 2018. The primary aim of the business is to create and market products that allow active and conscious women to enjoy luxury with a dash of sustainability and authenticity.

    Jonathan has decades of experience in entrepreneurship and he believes that one thing that his journey over the years has taught him is in order to change the world, you have to be a part of the change. As an advocate for the environment and the people, he is changing the way business is done today. He says, “There’s no reason to have a single focus on profits. We have to look at this from a bigger perspective and see business as a strong tool to create real change in the world. With our business, it’s all about keeping the planet safe and sustainable for everyone. That’s the message we’re trying to convey to our business partners and customers.”

    Jonathan’s outstanding leadership qualities and entrepreneurial skills, coupled with his wife Rea’s unique and socially conscious fashion ideology, managed to create a slow fashion brand. In simple terms, slow fashion is quite the opposite of the fashion disaster we live in today, fast fashion. Fast fashion is an exploitative business model which despite being highly profitable and popular, is associated with wastage, environmental pollution, and workplace exploitation. Contrary to that, slow fashion advocates for better-quality garments that are manufactured to last longer and take into consideration fair treatment of the people involved in the production and the planet.

    Jonathan, Rea, and the team behind 1 People are conquering the world of sustainable fashion with their super transparent and efficient work ethics. Along with that, Jonathan also runs a free program, Business for Planet, that provides support and education to new and upcoming impact entrepreneurs. While running a sustainable brand, he is fully committed to giving space and platform to start-ups with a similar approach to business.

    Visit the website of 1 People to learn more about their high-end yet sustainable products and their commitment to environmental protection and social responsibility.

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