The Multitalented Serial Entrepreneur Falesha Raquel Tell Us Why She Wrote ‘Her Vision’


In pursuit of passion, people sacrifice their whole lives to make dreams come true. To pursue dreams is all about having the ability to give up on things and being persistent in working towards the goal. Sometimes we need a guide who can help us on our way to reach our goals without making big mistakes that might cost a lot. Falesha Raquel is a multi-talented serial entrepreneur and a mentor to those who struggle to pursue their dreams in life. She is the author of #1 Best Selling Book on Amazon ‘Her Vision.’

Falesha is the owner of over half a dozen companies of all kinds and is a Registered Real Estate Broker with RE/MAX Metropolis. She is one of the few women in North America who founded a construction company. Falesha Homes is a well-established company that has taken over the construction industry for having exceptional services for architectural drawings, construction, design, financing, and the sale or purchase of the property.

Other than this, there are other companies like FR Beauty, her makeup line, and DIVA DIVERSE, a dance company that Falesha developed through hard work and persistence. Her goal as a businesswoman was to explore diverse realms and bring innovation through her leadership and management skills.

The hard work and perseverance of Falesha have inspired thousands of women in America and Canada, especially women of color. Being half Filipino and half Jamaican, she grew up in an environment that made her ambitious yet humble in life. Falesha is motivated to help her community by initiating productivity, passion, drive, and business intelligence as a serial entrepreneur and entertainer.

‘Her Vision: USING THE D.I.V.A. FRAMEWORK FOR AN INSPIRED LIFE AND BUSINESS’ is a successfully launched book by Falesha Raquel as a way to educate and empower women in the business world. By giving examples of her real-life experiences as an aspiring entrepreneur, Falesha indulges her readers into a progressive stance to pursue their dreams. Her DIVA framework has become highly popular among the readers for shifting mindset, mastering the craft, and discovering value to build a career in life.

The book is an exciting insight into the life and business of Falesha; it is a way to mentor young entrepreneurs through her examples. She hopes that by reading Her Vision, people can learn how to sustain their business and have the confidence to overcome obstacles that can ultimately lead to success.

She says, “Growing is a positive and necessary process. It can sometimes lead to outgrowth if done properly. So whatever business you’re building, remember: better to outgrow than never to grow at all.” Through Her Vision, Falesha is positive that the DIVA framework can be a perfect guide for young serial entrepreneurs and businesspeople to improve strategy with their own startups.

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