Rapper Varsity 747 Achieved His Dreams Despite Facing Tough Challenges In His Life


Talent does not go unrecognised in today’s world, especially on social media.  Varsity 747, or Amir Ali, from Toronto, Canada, is one such musician who has received popularity and praise for his flawless rapping skills. His freestyle rapping videos went popular on Instagram, and his Instagram page gained thousands of followers in a short period of time. Many popular pages, such as hoodclips, 6ixbuzz, and others, began reposting his movies.

Varsity 747’s enthusiasm for rapping isn’t his only passion. He intended to try his hand at basketball, but a bad injury put an end to his ambitions. Varsity injured his leg one day, and he was told he could no longer play basketball. His heart was broken, and he became depressed as a result of the tragedy. However, the young dreamer did not give up and chose to pursue another passion: rapping.

Varsity 747 spent days writing lyrics and practising rap songs once he recovered from his leg injury. He had written a dozen songs in a week. He began rapping and releasing music on social media when he had fully recovered. Varsity 747, a professional rapper, enlisted the help of @yassinevisuals, a talented videographer from Ottawa, to create his videos. They began writing songs together and would share them with the public. They initially struggled to gain people’s attention, but they persisted and worked tirelessly.

Finally, Varsity 747 got a taste of what it’s like to go viral and receive a lot of love. Passion, one of his most popular singles, had a positive response and became one of his biggest hits. Varsity and Yassine were blown away by the outpouring of support for Passion, which pushed them to keep on. Gamers in the ‘Free Fire’ community utilised the rapper’s song as a gameplay soundtrack for a snowball effect. More and more gamers, such as Apelpato, Ruokk, Marco R, and others, have become fans of the song and used it for various purposes.

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