How to create music that people will pay attention to, according to Drake Tigges


It’s hard to break into the music profession, as thousands of groups and solo artists are trying to do it every day. Drake Tigges has made a name for himself with his own music, but he’s also helping others to get attention through his music agency Youngville. He’s here today to talk about the industry and his own music.  

Tell us about the music you’ve put out so far. 

I’m passionate about my songs and excited for even more people to hear them. Rap is one of the genres that got me into music, so making music in that genre is a dream for me. My most popular song on Spotify is “Mellow Vibes MOMM,” which I released as a single. The electronic beats under my R&B rhymes are a great introduction to my style.  

Why are you passionate about helping other artists? 

I started my career by helping a friend try to break into the local music scene. I soon realized how difficult this was and the burden it was putting on artists. Not everyone knows how to promote themselves, record their music, and produce their albums, and it’s unfair that their talent doesn’t make it in this industry because of that. I started Youngville Agency to offer musicians the opportunity to record in a professional space and be promoted by marketing experts. It’s made a huge difference for my clients, which include Struggle Jennings, BWA Ron, Big Smo, and Jellyroll. 

What advice would you give to aspiring artists? 

Try to focus on making excellent music at first. If you don’t have an amazing product, it will be very hard to promote it. Unlike Youngville, many agencies will take a huge cut of your profits. That might be worth it for some people, but it’s also possible to make a go of it on your own. However, you should learn about marketing and how to use social media effectively. There’s so much music out there that you need to stand out from the crowd.  

Drake Tigges is an expert at promoting in the music industry. Along with his own music, he’s made a huge impact on the scene that will only grow for years to come. 


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