Marcuus Lawrence opens up on why he finally chose to pursue his career as a rapper

Marcuus Lawrence
Marcuus Lawrence

Imagine this, you’ve kickstarted your career in one field, find success with lucrative balance as well as fame in your field. But amid all this, whilst you put in your blood and soul into your work, your heart lies in another field and you’re unsure whether you want to make the difficult decision of a switch or continue doing what you’re doing, but you aren’t very happy. At some given point, we’ve all been in this scary situation, having to wonder which way to go. But celebrated YouTuber Marcuus Lawrence decided to take this difficult decision.

He’s a well established and loved YouTuber. but has now decided to do what he really loves along with it, to be a rapper. He’s always had an inclination and found joy in listening to famous rappers like Eminem, Snoop Dogg, and Jay Z. After making a mark for himself in the YouTube world, Lawrence is now planning on dividing his time between the two, but a little more on writing and getting the rhythm correct.

“Of course, it wasn’t an easy decision but I decided that you can never truly be happy until you love what you’re doing. I do love making videos and doing all that, but I’ve wanted to rap and I’ve tried it at a local level. I know I have what it takes, but I need a little more refinement, practice, training among other things,” says Lawrence.

On the other hand, Lawrence enjoys a decent fanfare on his social media platforms. He had earlier launched a tool as well named ‘InSwip’ that gives influencers from different parts of the globe to interact and get a chance to mingle. With the success of that, Lawrence has also proved his mettle as an influencer.

Coming back to his new journey as a rapper, we wish him good luck. To know about Marcuus Lawrence, check out his Instagram page ‘marcuuslawrence’.


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