Aria Keoxer, YouTuber and Iran’s first gamer, explained about entrepreneurship in YouTube


Aria Keoxer with the real name of Aria Rahmati published an article to increase the information of those who are very interested in YouTube and gamers, and helped people who are interested.

Aria Keoxer recently announced in an official article that

YouTube is one of the most popular video social networks where anyone can access its video content. YouTube allows users to upload their unique content to the site and share it with others. Some YouTube content developers, of course, are much more specialized in doing this because this website can also help a user earn dollars.

If you are someone who is admired by others in the field of rhetoric, you can turn to producing content that you, as a narrator or narrator, talk about a product or a concept. Definitely this procedure in order to pay attention to your skills can lead to more success for you.

Or if you are a gamer and you are interested in video games, you can attract active gamers on YouTube who are thirsty to watch interesting and varied content in the field of computer games by producing gaming content and reviewing video games in a few minutes. What could be better than gaming experience and earning dollars through this entertainment? However, you can produce specific video content in any field; Provided you are aware of your skills in the first place.

Let’s talk a little about the creativity of YouTubers:

Successful YouTube users are all creative people who think about all kinds of activities on a daily basis. Creative YouTuber, however, is not meant to produce and publish 10 video item models per week; Because managing such a large volume of diverse content will be difficult in the long run. Creativity means that a YouTuber video item has features that set it apart from other competitors compared to other content makers; For example, unique music created by YouTube itself exclusively for a video

But the art of expression everywhere has the first letter:

Having the art of expression can be considered an optional option; Because there are also content creators on YouTube who produce compelling videos without talking on the video or standing in front of the camera. However, if you want to have a video podcast or a series of instructional videos, you definitely need to talk to your audience.

By practicing and studying, of course, you can make your articulation much stronger than you have ever been before. Definitely, if you talk to users in a good and attractive tone and warm up with them, your video posts will be seen more and will be more attractive.

Hard work is the most important item

Many content developers on YouTube, when they look at the not-so-good statistics of their posts after a few months, become frustrated with the continuation of this path and often abandon the practice of content creation. You need to have a hard-working spirit, and if you do not achieve your statistically set goals within six months, do your best to identify your weaknesses instead of despairing and reading the verse. One of the reasons that YouTubers fail in the path ahead is due to their low morale and low self-esteem.

Creative Manager:

Creative video game managers are responsible for the overall look and feel of the game. They explore all aspects of the game, from the concept to the end. As a creative game manager, you will pursue these aspects: gameplay, audio-visual style, story and narrative, as well as marketing elements. Many people who want to be a successful professional gamer and want to connect with the gaming industry often aspire to be a creative manager.

Gaming has come a long way since Pac-Man. Although competing against other gamers has always been part of the fun, today’s gamers make it a profession. From Major League Gaming to professional streaming, gaming is a serious business. But if you want to make it work, you have to make a lot of sacrifices. Most eS

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