How Public Figure Keshia Rush Turned her Youtube Videos into a Successful Business


We all know that videos are preferred by social media platforms because they are more engaging and get more clicks than images and texts. YouTube is in first place in this race, and YouTube creators are turning their videos into a successful business. YouTube, which launched in 2005, has become increasingly popular as the ideal website for watching and streaming videos. Regular users, who would otherwise remain completely anonymous, find fame for uploading videos, just like public figure Keshia Rush got her start. This growing number of anonymous people are creating successful media platforms by sharing their talents, their voices and building their own audiences. It’s a great success story – all because Keshia Rush decided to do something different to stay ahead of her competitors on YouTube and other consumer video companies and find the best market for the game.

The Famous Tube Family channel with over 5.8 million YouTube subscribers is perhaps the biggest amazing thing you didn’t know about. With their constant content creation, giveaways, creative vlogs, children’s stories, and the lighthearted attitude portrayed in their YouTube videos. Keshia Rush is an American artist and CEO of the Rush Entertainment Group. Keshia and her husband Tray Rush have three wonderful children: Cali Rush, Kirah Rush, Kameiro Rush.

They are a family of content creators. Surprising fact: Their YouTube channel is equally popular with kids and adults alike because they have a unique niche. Her children make toy stories and many interesting videos for their little fans. Keshia and her husband Tray shoot joke videos, travel vlogs, and many informative and entertaining videos for their family on YouTube. The Rush Fam kicked off the entire phenomenon back in 2015 when Keshia Rush joined YouTube and shot several videos for her fans. A few months later, she received a very positive response for her engaging content. She also worked on Instagram to expand the reach of her content. Later, brands and businesses start collaborating with the Keshia Rush and the family.

Because social media influencers have so many followers, businesses look to them for paid partnerships and promotions. The Rush family also acts as brand ambassadors and has turned their YouTube channel into a successful business.

Public figure Keshia Rush says;

This is a huge job. This job takes about 95% of your time, and when it involves five people leading the kind of life they are trying to lead outside of the channel/business, it takes a lot of coordination and sacrifice to keep everyone happy while maintaining the same productivity and quality of content. People only see the side of the video, which is fun 99% of the time, and I think they think that’s all we ever do. When you watch an edited video that is hosted on YouTube, it usually seems like it was flawless or everything went so smoothly, but it takes a lot of thought and works to get them to work as usual.

Some of the most popular YouTube stars, like Keshia Rush and her family, are scheduling the release of their amazing videos, and it looks like it really works for them. Fans meet and come back for the latest video at the same time every week. To increase your exposure, schedule and let fans know when to expect your new content. To find out more about this amazing family, you can follow them on YouTube and Instagram:

Instagram: @shortyisdope

Here is a link to YouTube, and you can click on featured & subscribed channels to see all their channels, including kids

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