Emma Jonnz Biography – Her Life and Career

Emma Jonnz
Emma Jonnz

Emma Jonnz is an Italian makeup artist, beauty vlogger and Instagram personality, known for her makeup videos on Instagram and YouTube. In a short span of time, she has gained a reputation of a make-up queen and charismatic vlogger who knows how to create high fashion, high impact, and highly enviable makeup looks. She has garnered thousands of followers across various social media platforms, including YouTube, Instagram)  and that number only seems to be rising. She documented her gender transition and emergence as a role model.

Jonnz is definitely a YouTuber to know, not only because she gives killer fashion and beauty advice but also because she’s a fantastic human being. While the scope of her channel has expanded a bit since the beginning, the social media darling plans to keep content fresh by listening to her fans.

Emma Jonnz’s biography

Jonnz was born on 30 November 1995 to parents Enza Carbonaro and Gianfranco Paterno. She was raised in Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea of Italy. 

When Jonnz was growing up, she realized she was different. At the age of 5, her aunt bought a small toy vacuum for her birthday which got her attracted to it. She always loved being girly, playing with dolls and girls toys, her favourite thing was vacuums. When she turned 8, she dreamt of becoming an actor and also wanted to model for high fashion designers, be on the cover of magazines. 

While she was in school, Jonnz was teased a lot for being different and her preferences. She never cared for those comments and made her the stronger person she is today. 

When Jonnz got to high school things got a bit easier, she attempted a foreign languages program at the Giuseppe Mazzini High School in Vittoria and graduated after 5 years. 


At the age of 19, Jonnz moved to Toronto, Canada and to make ends meet, she started working for New York Fries and then Aldo shoes. Being in a new country, she initially was finding it hard at the beginning and having to pay bills was getting harder by the day with high rent and expensive food cost and commute. She decided to put her dream on hold and work full time. 

During this time, she dated a few guys and after her last relationship in 2018, she started discovering her real identity and watching makeup videos on youtube. She realized that she wanted to be a business brand owner and create things. That was also when she decided to start taking Instagram and YouTube seriously. Following famous YouTubers like Jeffree Star and James Charles, she started wearing makeup, growing out her hair and wearing feminine clothing.

Jonnz joined Instagram in February 2019. Her work focuses on makeup tutorials, fashion posts and lifestyle. Jonnz also uses her platform to spread acceptance and love, specifically for the LGBTQ community, since she is a trans woman and she is part of it. She has gained online popularity for her videos that became popular and inspired many others that resonates and reflects within her thousands of engaged followers on Instagram and YouTube.

Jonnz’s Instagram and YouTube started taking off because she was open and honest about her transformation from a man to a woman. She considers herself a straight woman, attracted to men. 

In a short span of time, she has established herself as a makeup artist and influencer, often compared with YouTubers Nikita Dragun, Jeffree Star, James Charles and NikkieTutorials. Jonnz has been recognized by several high-tier news and media, she has been featured on Yahoo, Influencive, The Hearup, Disrupt Magazine, Casey Weekly, Midget Herald, Latestly and several others.

Jonnz’s background illustrates just how passionate and talented she is. Seemingly living on a fasttrack, as she continues to dominate the arena she has created, Jonnz may be faced with new copycat competition, or more traditional academics adopting her tactics. But with her unique approach to every video and ability to cater valuable solutions for her clients, she will likely not be going away anytime soon.



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