ISW Holding Inc emerging as the future leader of fortune making crypto-revolution


Founded in 2015 by Alonzo Pierce, CEO and President of ISW Holding is today’s one of the leading portfolio companies. Based in Nevada, this company is serving consumers in several sectors like technology, home-based health and wellness solutions, telecare, crypto mining, adult beverage brands, renewable energy, logistics, and supply chain management. It has created, developed, and managed many brands in numerous industries. ISW is working well in the blockchain ecosystem and is committed to providing clean solutions at lower rates. Many success stories, during the process a business development is VOLUM equipped with blockchain method. This system is providing the solutions for supply chain management systems lifting the startups.

The sustainable and green plan in the crypto mining business

ISW Holding has joined hands with Bite5ive LLC and the Proceso. The POD5IVE mining pod has its infrastructure in Pennsylvania for mining cryptocurrency with renewable energy. The triumph march on the crypto avenue is continuing, and the mining pod fleet has been tripled with the potential of $2.9 million worth annually. The operations of this facility are running on renewable energy. ISWH plans to expand its cryptocurrency mining facility, build more additional pods, and add 14000 ASIC miners to its system. This company is also on its way to develop and manufacture its very own patented ASIC chips, and the deals are under discussion with chip manufacturing companies. The data collected from this venture is providing cutting-edge solutions to individuals and businesses in the cryptocurrency industry.

Ensuring a clean and safe environment for the future generations

The company is working to power all of its mining operations with renewable energy to achieve a 0% carbon emission infrastructure ultimately. This aim is to guarantee sustainable profit generation over the following decades and a clean future environment simultaneously.

Multiple incomes from one source

Even though its mining facility has boosted its net worth and capital gain, ISWH does not believe in just minting the cryptocurrency. As its business model is based on diversity and keeps exploring new horizons, the joint venture with Bite5ive will ensure cash flow from diverse channels like research and development for hardware, online space, and solutions.

It generates cash via cryptocurrency, but this segment will also rent cloud computing and space to the clients, generating an extra income of 600-750 thousand USD every month. Its subsidiary Proceso, LLC, is working to reduce the cost of crypto mining by making a practical form of immersion cooling system. This technology will address the significant issue of heat produced by the servers in mining facilities. This chip-to-fluid heat transfer method will not only for the company itself but for the industry also. Reduce electricity consumption, packing more servers in less space, and eco-friendly by reducing the energy required to run cooling systems.

ISW Holding is on its way to the top of global digital business in the age of artificial intelligence. It is a trustworthy name in the field of e-commerce. By supporting the e-commerce industry with software, hardware, and financial solutions, ISW Holding will generate future billionaires.

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