Why Investors in Automation are ditching Amazon and Walmart for YouTube


If you haven’t already heard, owning your own ‘automated’ business is one of the best passive investments you can make.

And in researching popular investments in the automated space, it is clear that one stood out among the rest with the data and results to prove it.

What is Walmart and Amazon Automation?

Currently, Walmart and Amazon are the two most talked about and recognizable investments in the automated investment space (also referred to as ‘Digital Real Estate’).

Essentially, the process works similar to ‘dropshipping’ in that you identify products that you can buy cheap from a wholesaler, then turn around and sell those same products at your own store.

However, with these stores, instead of selling these products on your own website like you would with dropshipping, you get to leverage the Walmart or Amazon brand and sell right on their public marketplace.

An exponential amount of people have seen great returns on their investments into Walmart and Amazon automation.

However, as time goes on, more and more people are saturating the marketplace, making it increasingly more difficult to duplicate the same results.

At the date of this publication, the Amazon marketplace has around 1.9 million active sellers while the Walmart marketplace has about 90,000 sellers, and these numbers only grow every day.

The YouTube Investment Trend


Even though Walmart and Amazon offer proven investment opportunities with the automation they provide, YouTube is proving to offer even better results.

Let’s look at this further.

First off, in order to make money in Walmart or Amazon automation, you need people to get out their credit card and buy one of the products you are selling.

This not only creates competition in the market based on price, but it also means that your performance is tied to the health of the economy and people’s willingness to buy.

With YouTube Automation, all you need is people to watch your videos. This action is free and is something that people have historically done more of in a market crash.

Another limiting factor is that you don’t control the manufacturing — price is the only tool you have to stand out from the competition. Therefore, it becomes a perpetual race to the bottom in regard to price.

With YouTube Automation, the other creators (seller’s) success means your success. More people on the platform watching videos is good for everyone.

Further, every product that you purchase and flip on your Walmart or Amazon store will only pay you one time. Because of this, the more you want to make, grow, and scale your business, the more money you are going to have to float.

Meanwhile, every video that you upload onto your automated YouTube channel is a digital asset that will live on YouTube and pay you forever. Operating an automated YouTube channel comes with a fixed cost that will eventually be a blip in the returns that you are collecting.

With Walmart and Amazon automation, your profit margins are fixed and tied to how much you spend. With YouTube Automation, your costs are fixed and your profit is exponentially correlated with time.

The list of benefits goes on

So Why is YouTube Automation the New Pivot?

Fundamentally, Walmart and Amazon automated businesses are like scalping and flipping real estate while YTA is like owning a forever expanding apartment complex.

That apartment complex would be completely disconnected from the economy, able to advertise at every other property in the vicinity, it’s apartments had an infinite amount of rooms, and your tenants don’t have to pay you. Instead, a third-party pays you just for them living there.

How do I take advantage of YouTube Automation?

Well the truth is there is a reason not as many people are talking about YTA. Because very few people offer it. That’s why it’s never been a better time to get into this investment opportunity. To find out more about this industry and the potential returns to be made through an initial investment, go to www.investinyta.com

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