Why Wix Is One Of The Best Website Builders For Nonprofits


Wix is one of the most popular website builders which offers both free and paid options for your custom website.

It has become very popular among nonprofits due to its ease of use and the various features it provides.

Good Features Of A Nonprofit Website

  • User friendly design – If the design of your website isn’t appealing or easy to navigate, your visitors are likely to get turned off.

  • Mobile friendly – At least 50% of your visitors will be viewing your website from a mobile device. Because of this, every nonprofit website should be mobile friendly.

  • Clear calls to action – Every nonprofit website should have a clear donate button preferably on the main home page.

  • Incorporation of visual elements – Visual elements like pictures can help in effectively communicating your nonprofit’s message.

  • Newsletter or email list signup – Donors can receive regular updates and news about your nonprofit only if there is a newsletter feature.

The best thing about Wix is that it helps you build websites which take all the above features into account. This makes Wix one of the best options for nonprofit websites.

Why You Should Choose Wix For Your Nonprofit Website


Wix is one of the most flexible website builders out there. It gives you a lot of control over your website’s layout. This can help nonprofits to build the website in such a way that they can capture their donor’s attention effectively. Your nonprofit does not have to spend money on hiring a separate website expert to build a website.

Ease of use

Wix is super easy to use since it makes use of a drag and drop tool to add anything you want including text, pictures, pop up buttons, contacts, socials and much more. If nonprofits want to make changes to their websites to include more information or pictures, they can achieve this quite easily. Wix’s modern and user-friendly website template designs are great for capturing the attention of donors quickly.

Donation options

Nonprofits can easily add a donate pop up button to their main home page. They can receive Wix donations by making use of fundraising software like Donorbox to accept donations online. Donors can donate money through their PayPal accounts. You can also link donation forms easily through the donate button.

The business basic plan which costs $63.90 per month will enable your nonprofit website to receive recurring donations. With Wix, nonprofits can also make use of third party fundraising tools like Donorbox if you are willing to pay extra money.

Mobile Friendly

If your nonprofit doesn’t have a mobile friendly website, you will be missing out on a lot of potential donors. You will also fail to get your website in search engine result pages. With Wix, you can build mobile friendly versions of your website and optimize it for different screen sizes using the editing tool.

Useful Apps

Wix has certain apps which are tailored for nonprofit websites. These apps can be found in the Wix app market. You can use apps like the Facebook Share app where donors can share your page with their followers. The Infuse Testimonials app includes testimonial submission forms which can be customized for your nonprofit’s testimonials.

Volunteer Pages And Newsletter

With Wix, you can create private signup pages for your volunteers. These pages can include online signup forms for volunteer opportunities and other relevant links.

Having a newsletter feature can help your nonprofit connect with your donors and provide them with regular updates. This feature costs $4.90 per month and comes with the Wix Shoutout Basic Plan.

Extra Features

There are tons of other extra features which Wix offers for nonprofit websites,

  • Live Streaming feature with Wix Video Premium Plan.

  • Event calendars and WordPress integration – Event calendars help donors keep track of your nonprofit’s in person and virtual events. With WordPress you can use widgets to promote your events. Wix even offers an online event registration feature which will be very convenient for your donors.

  • HTML coding customization.

  • Custom domain

  • Online course hosting.


Depending on your nonprofit’s budget, you can choose from 3 paid plans which Wix offers. If you are willing to spend more money you can access more features which will definitely help boost conversion rates for your website.

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