Fitness enthusiasts are up for a treat as Darren Placid’s book Firefighter Fitness for the mind” releases soon.


Darren is a known name in the fitness industry who has consistently proven his mettle through his work.

Achieving success in any field is not as easy as it looks and one has to go through the drill to make a mark to stand out from the crowd. People have to face grave challenges and give in their sweat and blood to accomplish their goals. Success doesn’t come in a day, and one has to strive hard for years to get hold of it. Only the tough ones who have the capability to keep moving ahead without getting distracted by the various setbacks that come along the journey are the ones who make it to the top. We have one such winner amongst us who has bypassed all hurdles of life and has reached a position in the fitness industry from where he can call the shots, he is Darren Placid, the number one fitness coach who has transformed many bodies through his targeted body transformation programs which he conducts online since the onset of the pandemic.

Darren has been a fire fighter working in the field for 15 long years and is now ready with his book, “Fitness for the mind”, which is slated to release in 2022. When asked about what is unique about his book, Darren says, “The contents of the book are all about learning how to keep your mind focused on work by following a regular dose of health, fitness and well-being. It tells how these factors affect one’s life in a better way making it positive.”

Darren is well known for his unique fitness programs and innovative techniques which work well on any body he works upon. His training programs have given excellent results and his ever growing client list is enough proof of it. His name has become synonymous to fitness and one can say that he is the most sought after fitness trainers and coach who has revolutionized the industry and transformed many lives through his physical transformation programs.

Darren has also been an avid sports lover and has in the past participated in the English FA Cup 2003 for Heybridge Swifts, also completed the London Marathon three times in a row and even won the 6th fittest firefighter in the world award in 2007. Presently, his boot camp ‘Keep Essex Moving’ has gained immense popularity owing to its unique workout methods.

Visit or follow him on Instagram @darrenplacid to know more.

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