Al Ashi quickly puts plans in action preparing to compete with big players in the market


Urent’s CEO Omar Al Ashi threw his crucial support earlier this month in Dubai to defeat his competitors, in what would be the end of a big competition in relation to car rentals scene in the growing automotive market. Who could be able to stand and compete if this Palestinian adrenaline junkie stands in their way?

Omar’s decision could enable opposition to put together a coalition of new related startups like Urent after his first crucial competition since 2018 which was winning an association with the Dubai’s RTA, making Urent the first startup in the Emirates to do so.

Just as travel started to bounce back this year, the semiconductor shortages affecting car manufacturers made it difficult for the rental agencies to bring in enough cars to meet the new demand which added into the list for next big competition for the UAE based car rental companies. But what can be more preferable than renting a car directly from a host?

This sudden increase in demand, while short-lived, was a boon for Al Ashi’s startup. which motivated him to outperform his competitors, such as Turo.

“Unlike a traditional rental car agency, Urent doesn’t have a central lot at the airport, so travelers either need to be able to get to the car owner’s location or rent from someone willing to bring the car to them. Owners are required to properly sanitise, clean and disinfect vehicles before each trip, focusing on frequently touched spots like the steering wheel, door handles and fuel cap”, CEO Omar Al Ashi said on Saturday.

Al Ashi is working hard on getting new cars every day and can keep existing cars longer since they racked up fewer miles during the pandemic, but for him, only the semiconductor shortages are having an impact.

At the start of the year, it was the mobility sector that attracted a substantial volume of funding in the Middle East and North Africa (Mena). New business models of sharing and renting were making headway, but overall, the sector was devastated with the lockdown.

Now, with Urent, you can rent out your car as a short-term rental service when you are not using it.

According to statistics, more than 90 per cent of the time a private car spends in the parking lot. Now a car will be able to earn you money, and help the city to unload roads.”

The high demand for Urent has motivated Al Ashi to make his startup far more exceptional than his competitors.

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