Top Romantic Things to Do on Valentine’s Day in Dubai

Love, Its Manifestations and Stages

Dubai is the best place to enjoy valentine’s day. If you are planning for something romantic in Dubai, there are various things to do. You can arrange romantic candlelight dinners or a simple outing with your special one. Dubai is known for its delicious food and beautiful architecture. Any couple can enjoy this romantic day without any limitations. Now, you must be wondering what are the entertaining things to do during Valentine’s Day in Dubai. We have prepared some recommendations which will help you to find the right place. This list will also give you knowledge about famous places and top spots to enjoy your vacation. So, without wasting any time, let’s find out more about the things to do during Valentine’s Day.

  • Dubai Miracle Cruise for Sunset Dinner 

There is nothing better than a cruise to spend your romantic valentine’s day. This is one of the most magical things to do in Dubai for mesmerizing memories. Dubai Miracle is a cruise that stays over the Arabian Gulf waters and provides excellent services including dining and dance. You can get unlimited entertainment with an open bar and delicious food at this bar. So, if you want to look at the sea while enjoying the night view, make sure to give a visit to the Dubai Miracle cruise.

  • Enjoy the View on Top Floor in Burj Khalifa

You must be aware of the largest building in the world is Burj Khalifa. You can see the whole of Dubai from the top floor while enjoying the delicious coffee. In this building, 24 carat gold coffee is very famous for couples. Isn’t it interesting to enjoy the scenic sights of the wonderful city with a sip of coffee on your valentine’s day? It is. If you are in Dubai, don’t forget to visit the Burj Khalifa and book the top floor to enjoy a romantic evening with your special one.

  • Surprise at The Dessert

In Dubai, you can go to the Nara Desert Escape which has many things to do on the day of Valentine. You can do various couple activities like archery, riding on camels, shows of the falcon, sandboarding or make some videos. Camel rides are the best activity to do for couples. You can prepare dinner or breakfast for your loved ones to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the desert. When it comes to spending some quality time, this desert will have all the options for you.

  • Helicopter Ride is Everything

Who wouldn’t like a proposal or romantic evening in the air? Of course, everyone is going to like this on the day Valentine’s Day. A helicopter ride is a solution for those people who wants to do something extraordinary for their partner. With the helicopter ride, you can get a beautiful view of Burj Al Arab, Meydan racecourse, Burj Khalifa, Atlantis Hotel, etc.

  • Romantic Dinner on the Sky

Have you ever been in the sky while having dinner with your loved one? Most of us haven’t been because not all places have this facility. Hotel in Dubai, you can set a dinner date in the sky. For couples who love adventures, and thrilling experiences, this dinner is going to give all the feeling. Your safety will be guaranteed by professionals so you don’t have to worry about it. The only thing that is needed is to book the advanced ticket. You can also record your experience to save the memory of your love.

  • Create Memories at The Dubai Frame

Pictures are always the best way to capture pleasing moments of your love in a single frame. But when it is under the world’s biggest picture frame, it will be more exciting and magnificent. You can go with your life partner to the Dubai frame and capture some memorable moments. The architecture of this frame is very alluring and attractive. So, if you are planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Dubai, you can also go to this place to experience something exciting.

  • Roam around The Miracle Garden

Flowers have a special connection to Valentine’s Day, so why should you miss it. Dubai has something full of different beautiful flowers for you. The Miracle Garden was opened in 2013 on the date of Valentine’s Day. It comes under the world’s largest floral garden where you can experience mesmerizing flowers with floral sculptures. You can take a romantic walk in the evening while enjoying the sunset.

  • Day Trip to IMG Worlds of Adventure

Adventure-loving couples are going to enjoy this trip very much during Valentine’s Day. The event is held from 11th February to 14th February where you can spend a thrilling day with your special one. You can take several rides and have a romantic dinner on the trip. This trip is going to make your special day very much exciting and full of love. So, if you are in Dubai during Valentine’s Day, make sure to attend this event for an exciting and adventurous experience.


Dubai has unlimited activities for couples to enjoy during Valentine’s Day. You cannot enjoy all of them at once so make sure to explore everything at a slow pace. We have suggested a few things to do in Dubai during Valentine’s Day. These things will give you an amazing experience which you can keep for all life as a memory. Do not forget to click pictures of every trip to cherish all the memories. All places need booking, so try to check the tickets on a prior basis to avoid any issues.


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