5 Ways To Surprise Your Friend in Atlanta With a Same-Day Delivery Gift


Despite our best efforts, sometimes we fail as friends. If you’ve forgotten a friend’s birthday until the last minute, don’t beat yourself up; there are plenty of same-day delivery gift options available to save the day. 

Rather than dwelling on whether or not you’re a terrible friend, take the initiative to get ahead of the problem with these five same-day delivery gift options in Atlanta.

A Bouquet or Potted Plant

There’s a reason that flowers have been a traditional gift-giving option for centuries: they’re quick and easy without appearing to be cheap or last-minute. If you’re in a bind for inspiration and trying to celebrate your friend, you can’t go wrong with a same day flower delivery in Atlanta, GA.

There are a few options when choosing a bouquet for your friend. You can select traditional yellow carnations, tulips, or roses, which all symbolize friendship. Alternatively, you can leave the design choice to the experts to get something unique and original that’s sure to make your friend feel special.  

If your friend is a known plant parent (you’ll know because they’ll talk about their plants all the time), swap out the flowers for a new potted plant. While this option may seem simple or plain, it will be far more meaningful to the plant lover in your life.

A Cookie Basket

Tiff’s Treats is here to save the day when you need a same-day gift delivery. This woman-owned business started in Dallas before expanding to Atlanta in 2006. The cookies, brownies, and other goodies are baked fresh on-site and hand-delivered to the recipient. Tiff’s Treats offers customized packaging for any occasion. They also provide a variety of drinks, including cold milk, for some epic cookie dunking. 

A cookie delivery is a great alternative to a flower bouquet or traditional gift basket. When you order from Tiff’s, be sure to add a couple of extra cookies for yourself.

A Wine and Chocolate Basket

Wine and chocolate is a lovely pairing that makes a perfect last-minute gift. Hazelton’s Gift Baskets has been serving the Atlanta area for more than 30 years. This company has worked with some huge corporate brands and sponsors and even expanded internationally into Canada. They offer the same level of service whether you’re purchasing one delivery for a friend or 500 for a corporate event.

While the simple wine and chocolate basket is the perfect birthday solution, they also have a variety of other goodie blends. Pair your wine with a succulent instead, or change out the chocolate for a cheese board. This selection is an elegant gift that doesn’t feel like it was organized at the last minute. 

A Cake Explosion Box

The idea of sending an exploding box in the mail may sound like a bad one at first, but this gift option is perfectly safe. A cake explosion box contains a small, personal-sized birthday cake, beautiful packaging, and a fun surprise. 

With Sendacake, you can choose from a variety of surprises, including paper butterflies, confetti, music, or candy. A word of advice, however: don’t get the confetti option, unless you don’t want to be friends with this person any longer.


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