The Most Popular Gift Isn’t What You’d Think


Buying gifts can feel like a drag, especially as it’s so easy for people to order anything they need online and get it delivered in a flash. Many people feel pressure to get their loved one a present that is personal, useful, and Instagram-able, but it’s pretty difficult to tick all those boxes without spending hours browsing. If you struggle to find gifts for your loved ones, you might be glad to know that a recent survey has found you may not have to.

The Most Preferred Present

According to a survey conducted by CashStar, gift cards are the most preferred present. American consumers admitted that though they prefer gift cards to physical gifts, they often feel guilty admitting that they want them (even though, according to the National Retail Federation’s Holiday Consumer Spending Survey, gift cards have been top of the list for Americans for eight years in a row). The survey finds that 60% of all participants want a gift card to their favorite brands, shops, and even restaurants, increasing to 70% of people in the 35-44 age range. However, this is offset somewhat by 30% of people feeling guilty asking for them, with 45% of those claiming it doesn’t feel personal enough as a gift from a close friend or family member.

The Most Preferred Gift?

The survey also found that there’s no reason for gift-receivers to feel guilty, as gift cards take away the effort of trawling through shops looking for presents to buy. It’s an easy gift, especially for grandparents, as they might feel additional stress if they’re not in touch with the trends of their grandchildren – 87% of grandparents find gift cards to be an easy gift that they’d enjoy giving.

What that Means for Your Presents

With most people wanting to receive gift cards and most people wanting to give them, it might seem strange that they’re not given more often. They’re often viewed as impersonal gifts. Luckily, that’s not too difficult to change. Gift cards can be thoughtful and personal if you consider how the recipient will use them. A good example of a personal gift card is to gift a restaurant voucher, as the gift becomes an enjoyable experience that can be shared by the giver and the recipient. This is equally true with takeaways, which Britons now prefer over restaurants; presents like Just Eat Gifts Vouchers can be a message that you want to have a night in together, enjoying each other’s company.

Another way that gift card givers can get around the impersonal worry is to use digital gift cards that can be personalized with special messages and even photos and videos. Their giving could also be made into a game, with a series of clues that eventually lead to either a physical card or a link to the digital voucher. If it’s clear that you’ve put in effort and care when selecting your gift card, the old mantra probably reigns true: it’s the thought that counts (and the thought that makes a present personal).

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