EZ Gift Cards Discuss the Pros of Gifting a Gift Card


What to give a friend or relative who has everything? A ubiquitous gift card is always a good option according to EZ Gift Cards.  

Gift cards come in all types of forms and function for all kinds of denominations. They can be for a coffee shop, bookstore, restaurant, or even an amusement park. They can even be a prepaid VISA or Mastercard. According to the National Retail Foundation, gift cards are one of the most popular gifts with a total spending of about $26 Billion in 2015. The initial investigation by the NRF shows that 58.8% of those surveyed reported being delighted to receive gift cards and have requested them 9 years in a row.  

Gift cards are widely considered a welcome and popular gift. Nevertheless, some will not be happy to receive a gift card, and this is something to keep in mind when making your plans for a gift. In the following article, we will take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages for customers and merchants to keep in mind when considering offering a gift card such as ezgiftcards.ca.      

Advantages of Gift Cards:   

No gifts to return or exchange — choosing the perfect gift is fraught with potential hazards. A specific item may be too large, too small, or a duplicate of a gift the recipient has already received. A gift card removes the issues of returning or exchanging gifts by allowing the recipient to choose the item they will be happiest in the first move. Letting your recipient choose their gift removes all the guesswork from the sticky process.     

Nice add-on gift — If you have already purchased a gift but want to make the occasion a little more special, you can slip a $25 gift card in the pocket, wallet, purse, or book of the person receiving the gift. They make great stocking stuffers and can even be placed on a Christmas tree as an ornament.   

Easy to send — if you are wondering how to send a 24-piece dinnerware set to your favorite aunt on the other side of the country. Consider the convenience and practicality of sending a gift card instead. Easy to ship, and Auntie can pick her designs – a big benefit customers tell EZ Gift Cards.   

Brings new customers to your store — the recipient of a gift card may have never visited the store before. This is a great way to invite them for a closer look at the special products, promotions, and services they can find. What better way to increase your customer pool?   

Increases post-holiday sales — all those gift cards that have been exchanged in December will come back to you in January. Of course, the cards themselves have already been paid for, but it is quite likely that the returning customers will be spending a bit more than the value of the card itself on their return.  On average, patrons will spend about 20% more than the value of the card, which is a great way to fatten that bottom line according to EZ Gift Cards.  

Disadvantages of Gift Cards:  

Some cards can only be used in specific stores. On the other hand, those cards that have the logos of Mastercard or VISA can be used wherever these cards are accepted. But the vast majority of gift cards are designed to be used exactly where the card was purchased. This is ok if the recipient knows the store or is sure to find the gift they are looking for, but can be a bad thing if not. If you are considering giving a gift card but are not sure if the recipient will like the store, it is best to choose a VISA or Mastercard gift card.  

Gift cards can seem like thoughtless or “lazy” gifts. Many people love getting gift cards, but if your special someone is expecting you to put thought into your gift and choose something that is based on the affection you have for them, it could be taken as a sign that you don’t have this type of attention for them — or even worse, you forgot to get them a gift.    

Gift cards will typically require that the recipient pays something at the store. Depending on the amount of credit on the card and the store, your recipient will be contributing something to their gift and this makes the whole thing rather impersonal.  If you will be choosing a gift card, it is always a good idea to go above and beyond. Just think! A $25 gift card at the Apple store is not even going to land a decent set of earbuds.    

Some gift cards have expiration dates — Just because you paid a certain amount of cash for a card, this doesn’t mean your recipient will be able to use that amount. Many cards have an expiration date or will require extra funds to be used if the card is not used within a certain time. Always be sure to check these finer details with the supplier of the gift card before you make the purchase, so you can inform your recipient of any additional considerations.    

As you can see, gift cards are a great way to make sure that your recipient receives exactly what they want and need. But they are not always the best choice of gift. Take time to place as much thought and investigation into the selection of your gift cards before you make the purchase. This way you will ensure that the gift is well-received and greatly appreciated.

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